Nicola Bulley Arrest: Why Was Nicola Bulley Arrested?

The case of Nicola Bulley continues to make headlines. A man was arrested recently in connection with the Nicola Bulley investigation. The missing woman who disappeared while walking her dog with her was found dead 23 days later and was allegedly stalked. A new development in the case of Nicola Bulley has led to the arrest of a man on suspicion of stalking over videos that were posted on social networks after Nicola Bulley was found dead. Who is the man arrested? We’ve gathered all the essential details and updated information on Nicola Bulley’s case. Continue reading this page to learn more.

Nicola Bulley Arrest

After dropping her daughters off at school, the 45-year old woman disappeared in St Michael’s On Wyre while walking her dog. After 23 days, the woman’s body was discovered. A man aged 34 was arrested in March for a video taken inside the police cordon at the time Nicola Bulley was found dead. The man uploaded numerous videos of Nicola Bulley to TikTok. The man arrested claimed that he posted the video just to gain popularity on social media, but he has now been arrested again. He is being held on suspicion of stalking this time. Find out more in the following section.

The man, 34 years old, who was arrested for stalking in March after a video was filmed in the police cordon in Greenhalgh was arrested again on 18 June. The reports state that the man arrested in connection with Nicola Bulley’s case comes from Swindon. Wiltshire. The man was released under conditional bail, but is still being investigated. The authorities have prohibited the man from entering Lancashire, except for traveling through. Below, you can read what Lancashire Police has said. Scroll down.

Lancashire Police stated that the bail conditions were set in order to avoid any interference or intimidation to any witnesses, including people from St Michael’s On Wyre. The same person had previously been arrested for preventing justice and suspicion of malicious communication offenses. The police arrested him after a video was filmed on February 19 inside the police cordon. Keep an eye on this website for updates and more information.

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