Island Boy Arrested: Why Was Island Boy Arrested?

If you are scrambling to unfold the arrest news of Island Boy Kodiyakredd, this article is for you. Last month, a story evolved on social media that one of the Island Boys was arrested, that Island Boy was nonother than Kodiyakredd. But on what charges or suspicion he was arrested? Since Kodiyakredd’s arrest news broke out it has been making headlines and trending on social media leaving netizens curious to search for it. To cater to the queries of the people who are scrounging the articles to learn about charges against Kodiyakredd, we have prepared this article. Kindly stick with this page and take a look below for more details.

Island Boy Arrested

As per the reports, the Island Boy Kodiyakredd was arrested over domestic violence. Yes, you heard it right, the domestic dispute led to the arrest of Island Boy Kodiyakredd. According to the sources, Kodiyakredd allegedly assaulted his then-girlfriend Amina Sobhi who is now his ex. The artist allegedly assaulted Amina Sobhi when she tried to break things off with him because of his physically abusive behavior. This news sparked controversy and made huge headlines last month. Now once again the arrest news of Franky Venegas-born artist has started trending. Unfold more details in the further section. Swipe down the page.

Kodiyakredd’s ex-girlfriend Amina Sobhi alleged that when she tried to break up with him he became violent and started hitting her and pushing her into a pool. As a result, Amina filed a complaint against him which led to his arrest, He was charged with domestic battery. A video showing Kodiyakredd’s arrest is going viral on social media. Recently, a video of Kodiyakredd surfaced on the internet showing the 21-year-old claiming to be profiled by the police officer. In the video, the Franky Vengas artist can be heard screaming. Scroll down the page and read more details.

The artist says, “On my dead daddy you profiling me. I don’t care bro you’re profiling me. I swear to God…babe he’s profiling me.” After it, he said that he was arrested and charged for no reason. He told the officer that he did not do anything, homie. The video further shows him in police custody where he is arguing with the officers, “You see my juvenile record? My juvenile record’s extensive. Ok, don’t play with me, bro. Alright bro, shut your Indian-a*s up. Don’t play with me. Real talk man stop playing with me.”

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