What Happened to Jungkook: Everything You Need To Know!

What happened to Jungkook? News broke out that BTS’s Jungkook received death threats. Find out the truth and if anything happened to Jungkook.

Who is Jungkook?

Jeon Jung-kook was born in South Korea on 1 September 1997. He is a South Korean musician known by the stage name Jungkook. He is the vocalist and a member of South Korean boyband BTS.

Jungkook’s solo songs have been successful in BTS’ discography. The songs include “Begin”, “Euphoria”, “My Time”, and “Begin” from 2016, “Euphoria”, 2018 and “My Time”, 2020. These songs all made prominent appearances in South Korea’s Gaon Digital Chart. He also recorded “Stay Alive”, the soundtrack for the BTS webtoon, 7Fates: Chakho.

In 2022 Jungkook and Charlie Puth collaborated on “Left and Right”, a single that reached number 22 in the U.S. Billboard Hot 100.

With “Dreamers”, he also became the first South Korean artist ever to release an official song on the FIFA World Cup Soundtrack. He performed it at the opening ceremony of the FIFA World Cup 2022. Jungkook has achieved great success with his solo tracks on streaming platforms.

The songs “Dreamers”, ‘Stay Alive’, and ‘Left and Right”, have all broken records for the most successful debuts by a Korean artist on Spotify Global.

What happened to Jungkook?

BTS Jungkook made headlines recently when he deleted his Instagram account. He shared the news on the Weverse fan community forum with his fans, and explained his decision.

In a series on Weverse posts, Jungkook stated that he was no longer active on Instagram. He also clarified that the account had not been hacked. He assured fans that it was not a hack and they should not worry.

The talented artist also revealed that he does not use the app anymore and hinted at the possibility that he may never return. Jungkook revealed that he prefers to engage with his fans through Weverse. He emphasized his desire to interact and connect with them via this platform.

Jungkook’s social media presence has been significantly altered by deleting his Instagram. Fans may miss his Instagram updates, but they can look forward to his active involvement and interaction on Weverse.

BTS fans were shocked by the screenshots that circulated on Twitter Sunday, May 14, 2015.

Jungkook Death Threat

BTS fans were alarmed on Sunday, May 14 by screenshots that circulated on Twitter. These screenshots were taken from a Sasaeng Instagram account that contained violent and disturbing death threats against BTS’ Jungkook.

Fans were concerned and tagged HYBE, BIGHIT MUSIC to urge them to increase security around Euphoria’s beloved singer. Sasaeng’s fan claimed to have Jungkook’s address. This escalated the severity of the situation.

They claimed that they sent food before to the youngest BTS, but that he had rudely refused it. As the threat to Jungkook became more apparent, these claims increased the anxiety among BTS fans.

Jungkook recently addressed the issue in a post on Weverse by asking that those who had sent him food deliveries stop doing so. He thanked the person who sent him food, but made it clear that he did not want to receive any more. He also stated that he will take the appropriate action if he receives any more unsolicited food.

Uncertainty remains as to whether the Sasaeng supporter behind the death threat is the same person who claimed to have Jungkook’s address. The threatening nature and mention of personal details have nevertheless caused anxiety and concern among ARMY fans.

Fans hope for more security measures to ensure Jungkook’s safety and well-being.

Jungkook Age

Jungkook was born in Busan on 1 September 1997. His full name is Jeon Jung Kook. His parents and older brother are his family. Jungkook studied at Baekyang Elementary School and Middle School, Busan. He then transferred to Singu Middle School, Seoul as a trainee.

Jungkook wanted to be a badminton champion in his youth. After watching G-Dragon perform “Heartbreaker”, he decided to pursue a singing career.

Jungkook auditioned for Superstar K, a talent show in Daegu in 2011. Even though he was not chosen, seven entertainment companies offered him castings.

Eventually, he joined Big Hit Entertainment in the role of a trainee. This was after he saw RM (his BTS leader and fellow member) perform. Jungkook received dance training in Los Angeles from Movement Lifestyle during the summer of 2012. This was to prepare him for his debut. Jungkook also appeared in Jo Kwon’s music video “I’m Da One”, and was a back-up dancer for Glam before his debut.

Jungkook finished his education in 2017 at the School of Performing Arts Seoul. In November 2016, he decided not to take CSATs, Korea’s national university entrance exam. He graduated in March 2022 from Global Cyber University’s Department of Broadcasting and Entertainment with the President’s Award. This is the highest award bestowed by this university.

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