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Find out the full review from AIA Awards 2022. Also, find out how to cast your vote. Visit Aiaawards on the website to nominate, and then select an American Influencers of your choice.

As you are aware social media has become a vital element of life. A wealth of information is shared via social media platforms, and people have are now able to watch videos rather than searching for websites and visiting the library. A lot of people from The United States have several videos related to the same subject.

Who would you consider to be reliable and knowledgeable in their area of expertise? We can find out what people think using the Vote Aiaawards Com.

About Aiaawards:

The American Influencer Awards is progressing under the direction by Chris Crellin and Bethany Crellin Co-Founders of the American Influencer Association; Jason Taylor who is the president of the USA Today Network; and Barry Poznick, the President of Orion TV and MGM Alt Television. Additionally, 10 advisors are professionals in their field.

AIA awards recognition to the newest influencers on social media platforms. It was the first time an AIA award was presented in 2017 and was announced as the first voting and nominations in the month of March. In the beginning, prior to the AIA launch, less categories were added to awards, including American Influencers in the category of beauty.

Vote Aiaawards Com timeline and categories:

The vote for American influential social media influencers will last through the 30th August of 2022 following which those who won will be revealed. Following the success that was AIA the year 2021 began, AIA has expanded the categories of awards to include fitness, lifestyle, fashion and overall, etc. There are currently 39 award categories.

The nominations for awards are based on public nominations and the reviews of an advisory panel. The award winners are chosen through public vote. An original presentation of around 7 pounds has been designed and measures 13 1/4 inches. The multi-faced presentation designed for Aiaawards Com includes a variety of different faces. Aiaawards Com features various colors, including aluminum, zinc and steel. It is adorned along with on the back is an AIA logo.

Concerning voting on the Aiaawards Com

The process of voting on is straightforward, yet it opens the way for fraudulent votes. The user is able to access On the homepage, various categories are listed. Users can choose the category they wish to vote in.

Based on nominations from the public and the qualified candidates are then determined. The advisory board recommends five nominations which are open to the public vote. A user is able to click the picture of the social media channel or persona to cast their vote.

When you’ve make your vote on Aiaawards Com in a particular category, you will have the option of going through other categories to vote. After you have voted for your top celebrities and you are able to submit your ballot.


When you submit your ballot when you submit your ballot, you will need to provide an email address, as well as a zip number. You must also agree to the conditions, choose the topics you would like to receive periodic newsletters then your vote is accepted. There is however no verification of email addresses and zip codes. This could lead to the casting of fraudulent and multiple votes cast by only one person by altering their email addresses.

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