Checkout Our Air Resistance Calculator!

Air Resistance Calculator

Want to calculate the air resistance of something? You’ve come to the right place! Our air resistance calculator will help you make all of your calculations as simple as possible! Simply enter in the diameter, speed, and weight and you’ll have everything you need to know about how fast your objects are moving through the … Read more

How to Calculate Kinetic Friction in a Block-and-Pulley System

Kinetic Friction in a Block-and-Pulley System

In physics, we know that kinetic friction is always opposed to motion. So what happens if you have an object in motion? In this article, I’ll explain how to calculate kinetic friction in block-and-pulley systems and how to apply it to real-world scenarios. Kinetic Friction To kinetic friction in a block-and-pulley system, you need to … Read more

The Golden Ratio Equation: How to Calculate the Perfect Ratio

Golden Ratio Equation

If you’ve never heard of the golden ratio equation, also known as the divine proportion, it’s the mathematical relationship between two quantities that creates an aesthetic sense of perfection and balance in any given artwork or design. The golden ratio equation can be used to calculate the value of this ratio in relation to other … Read more