Survival Hacks: City Prepper Checklist

Have you ever wondered how you would survive in times of crisis? Have you ever considered how you’d fare after the collapse of society? No? Well, never mind, just go on living your life. But if you’re still reading, I can assume that you are interested in this matter.

Now, depending on who you are and your interests, many different scenarios could cause an end to our world as we know it; nuclear war, doomsday virus, economic crisis, or natural disasters.

If you’ve ever been concerned about what to do in the event of a disaster or emergency, City Prepping is a great resource. It covers everything from practical tips on being prepared for any situation to informative guides that will help keep you safe and out of harm’s way.

What is City Prepping?

Kris founded City Prepping, a website and YouTube channel that helps people prepare for the worst. Kris spent his childhood outdoors, learning valuable skills as a Boy Scout. His education included a degree in microbiology, and he has been involved with emergency preparedness for several decades—including work in impoverished areas of Mexico and Afghanistan.

City Prepping offers a wealth of information on how to prepare for disasters, with an emphasis on urban survival. The site contains articles on everything from choosing the right gear and building your emergency kit to DIY solar setup and water purification systems. As a bonus, the site features a survivalist supplies store where you can purchase useful items in an emergency.

His YouTube channel features prepping videos about SHTF scenarios, food storage, emergency preparedness for potential threats, and related survival skills. The channel was created in 2015 and now boasts more than 800,000 subscribers and over 100 million video views—and has uploaded well over 500 videos since then.

City Prepping’s Most Popular Videos

  • The Three Rules for Becoming a Gray Man: The most viewed video on the channel has over 5.1 million views and was published in 2016. It offers tips on how to blend into your environment so as not to draw attention.
  • Cargo Ship Dilemma: With 2.4 million views, the second most popular video on the channel discussed the impact of a cargo ship stuck in the Suez Canal.
  • 10 Things to Buy Before a Depression: The third most-watched video on City Prepping encapsulates the channel’s overall tone and has been viewed over 2.2 million times.

City Prepping videos featuring a solar generator are also quite popular.

The Prepper’s Roadmap Online Course

Kris has compiled the information from his best sources and combined it with the City Prepping Roadmap into a course for those interested in learning more. To put it simply, it’s a website built for educational purposes. You can also save the videos or articles to your computer and watch them or read them whenever convenient.

The course aims to provide the participant three benefits upon completion: peace of mind, protection, and survival. This is a road map for anyone who wants to prepare themselves with clear instructions that will help them get ready, then stay prepared based on their unique situation.

The course consists of the five steps listed below:

  1. Risk Assessment
  2. Your 3-Day Survival Kit
  3. Your 3-Week Survival Supply
  4. Your 3-Month Survival Guide
  5. Conclusion: Creating Your Very Own SHTF Gameplan

If you’re new to prepping, this course will give you a solid foundation to build your knowledge. If you’re overwhelmed by conflicting information, this can help you organize it so anyone can follow it to achieve their prepping goals. If you’ve been prepping for a while, this course will help you fill in the blanks and provide a flexible framework so that your supplies can last as long as necessary.

Useful Prepping Tips

In conclusion, we will share some prepping tips that may help you survive any situation. Remember that these are only a few things you need to know before SHTF. Use them as a starting point, then continue learning more about preparedness so that you’re able to handle any crisis that comes your way.

Create an Effective Evacuation Plan

Every urban prepper should have a solid evacuation strategy. Evacuation plans should include instructions for getting out of the house in the event of a fire, getting out of the city, and finding a secure bug-out location.

Store Foods and Water Supply

Emergency food and water are essential components of any urban survival preparedness plan. When grocery stores become looted and untrustworthy, you’ll need the plan to keep your family hydrated and fed.

Bulk freeze-dried food is unrivaled in terms of nutritious and dependable emergency food. The best products have a shelf life of 25 years, so you can buy your food ahead of time and not worry about spoiling it before you use it.

A water storage plan is also essential for urban preparedness. For example, you don’t want to go thirsty if the municipal water supply is cut off or becomes unsafe due to chemical warfare or other disasters.

Get a Good Source of Power

If you’re concerned about the grid going down, get a good power source. Going solar is a great way to be prepared for the worst. Solar power is reliable, clean, and renewable. Also, if you have solar panels in your home, you can use them to charge up batteries in other devices like radios, flashlights, and more.

Prepare Medical Supplies and Learn Basic First Aid

Unfortunately, in the aftermath of a major disaster, first responders, hospitals, urgent care facilities, and other medical providers may become overwhelmed and unavailable. There simply aren’t enough healthcare professionals in the city to go around.

As a result, having a basic understanding of first aid and the tools needed to provide first aid in an urban setting is critical. Check out Nepean First Aid and CPR Course locations to learn about life-saving techniques during emergencies. We also recommend stockpiling necessary over-the-counter medications and prescriptions in case pharmacies become untrustworthy.

Prepping is a challenging way of life. There are many factors involved in urban survival, and you can’t control most of them directly—but it’s important to know how each factor affects your preparations so that you’re ready for any situation. We’ve found that City Prepping is an excellent way to get your feet wet in the world of survivalism. It can be overwhelming at first, but with time and experience, you’ll find that it’s actually not too bad—and there are many benefits to living this way.

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