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Lunatics Token

Let’s examine the hypothesis that Lunatics token will reach $200 by 2022. Learn more about the price predictions.

Did you know that LUNAtics, a relaunched version LUNA crypto worldwide, is now available? Do you know of any new names it uses? Did you hear about LUNC’s $200 million this year? Who had relaunched LUNA What are the market experts saying about the future price of LUNC? Are you interested in learning more about LUNC wallets and exchanges?

Let’s look at Lunatics Coin below.

What are LUNAtics?

Stakeholders who suffered losses from the recent crash in Terra and Luna coins are called LUNAtics. Officially, LUNAtics can be referred to as LUNC (Luna 2.0), Terra 2.0 and Terra 2.0.

Do Kwon created a plan for relaunching LUNC after Luna’s suicide to protect the investments of existing stakeholders and to recover losses caused by Luna. Luna’s suicide resulted in the loss of approximately $40 billion worth of stakeholder market value. Luna was traded in May for more than $86. Due to technical problems in its algorithms, Moontics Token dropped by almost $0.

Vitalik Buterin, Changpeng Zhao and Changpeng Zhang, founders of Binance, also criticised Do Kwon’s relaunch plan. The proposal was approved by the community and launched on May 27, 2022.

How does LUNAtics work?

  • LUNAtics without the use of stablecoin algorithms
  • Old stakeholder will be eligible for LUNAtics airdrops and Terra developers, as well as UST holders.
  • The data used to calculate the airdrop will be those before and after Luna’s 7th May 2022 drop at 22:59.37+08:00.
  • LUNAtics now has a better UI and UX


Do Kwon, Daniel Shin, and LUNC founders are Do Kwon. Daniel Shin is a co-founder at Korean e-commerce giant Ticket Monster and Fast Track Asia. As a software engineer, Daniel Shin has extensive experience at Apple and Microsoft.

LUNAtics price stats:

  • 2.09%
  • 4.03%
  • In USD –$2.14

Terra Price Yesterday:

  • Yesterday’s Low/High–$2.13/$2.17
  • Yesterday’s Open/Close–$2.16/$2.15
  • Yesterday’s Change–0.33%
  • Yesterday’s Volume–$71,096,937.36

Terra Price History:

  • 0.36%
  • 24h Low/24h High–$2.13/$2.16
  • 7d Low/7d High–$2.04/$2.25
  • 30d Low/30d High–$1.66/$3.86
  • 90d Low/90d High–$1.66/$19.54
  • 52 Week Low/52 week High–$1.66/$19.54
  • 89.04%
  • 28.89%

Terra Market:

  • Market Cap–$272,979,309.12, |0.29%
  • Fully Diluted Market Cap–$2,150,554,369.56, |0.29%
  • Terra ROI–No Data
  • Trading Volume 24h–$65,710,376.33, |18.75%
  • Volume/Market Cap–0.2407
  • Market Dominance –No data
  • Market Rank #220

Terra Supply:

  • Circulating Supplies–127.475,474 LUNA
  • Total Supply–1,004,262,701 LUNA
  • No Data – Max Supply

Maximum price prediction for LUNAtics:

  • 2022–$20
  • 2023–$5.50
  • 2024–$6
  • 2025–$7
  • 2026–$7
  • 2030–$18


  1. Where can I buy LUNAtics?

Ans. Ans.

  1. Which exchanges are listed

Ans. Ans.

  1. Which wallets can support LUNAtics NFT

Ans. Ans.

How do I buy LUNAtics?

  1. Register for a account
  2. MetaMask and Leap allow you to deposit currency into wallets
  3. On search ‘LUNA2’ (or) ‘LUNA2/USDC’,
  4. Enter the amount you wish to purchase in LUNA 2.0
  5. Confirm your LUNA 2.0 purchase.


LUNAtics, a Terra/Luna token, is a new cryptocurrency. It will therefore be expensive initially as most people expect that the project will last at least three months. The Lunatics token token is less trustable after Terra’s crash. The project is still managed by the founders of LUNA. It is best to invest in small amounts for a long period of time. Check out the Best Bitcoin Cryptocurrency Information For Investment In 2022.

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