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Treat Token

Treat Token is a stable token and reward token that can be used in the Shiba ecosystem.

Numerous new cryptos are launched in the United Statesregularly. Did you know that the organizations responsible for launching these cryptos are the backbone of tokens’ long-term existence?

Reputable organizations are now launching secondary tokens along with their primary tokens. These tokens, which are based on the long-standing and extensive experience of these organizations, are more reliable than any new crypto coming from a young entity. Let’s look at Treat Token, which is part of the Shiba ecosystem.

What’s Treat?

Treat is a new crypto in Shiba’s ecosystem. It was designed to withstand market fluctuations, keeping in mind the Terra and Luan coin experiences.

Because its functionality changes per second, rather than per block, it works better based on market statistics. It is therefore more transparent and accurate in distribution, even when there is network congestion.

The Treat project was launched in the fourth quarter of 2021. It was limited in supply. Treat was made available for trading on the crypto market on 6 July 2022.

How does treat Crypto ?

  • Treat will be a reward token in the Shiba ecosystem.
  • Treat as rewards for Shiba stakeholders
  • As they stood behind the project in criticisms, royal breed Shiba members will also receive a fixed amount of Treat.
  • Shytoshi Kusama also suggested treat utilization in Shibarium and Shiba Card games, as well as the Shiba Metaverse.

Founders Of Treat:

Shytoshi Kusama (also known as Shiba Army) was the developer of SHIBA coins. He had also launched Treat. After Ryoshi disappeared, Shytoshi Kusama assumed control of the Shiba Inu Project.

After a long silence Shytoshi Kusama began Twitting about Treat token, and wrote several posts on social media from the middle of June 2022. Shytoshi Kusama knew that Shiba projects were moving well and that Shibarium would soon be launched.

Treat price stats:

  • Price –$0.1543
  • 1.36%
  • 3.04%

Treat Price Yesterday:

  • Yesterday’s Low/High–$0.1543/$0.1543
  • Yesterday’s Open/Close–$0.1543/$0.1543
  • Yesterday’s Update–No data
  • Yesterday’s Volume –No data
  • Price change 24h–No data
  • 24h Low/24h High Data–$0.1543/$0.1543

Treat price history:

  • 7d Low/7d High Data–$0.1543/$0.1572
  • 30d Low/30d High–$0.1075/$0.1711
  • 90d Low/90d High–$0.1075/$0.3534
  • 52 Week Low/52 Week High–$0.1075/$765.01
  • All-Time High–on 4th November 2021, 8 months ago, at $765.01, |99.98%
  • 43.53%

Treat Token Market:

  • No Data –Market Cap
  • Full Diluted Market Cap –$3,085.73
  • Trading Volume 24h–No Data
  • Market Cap/Volume – No Data
  • Market Dominance –No data
  • Market Rank#9189
  • No Data – Treat ROI

Treat Supply

  • Circulating Supply –No data
  • Total Supply –2,630 TREAT
  • Maximum Supply–20,000 TREAT

Average Price Predictions for

  • 2022–$0.20
  • 2023–$0.22
  • 2024–$0.21
  • 2025–$0.30
  • 2026–$0.28
  • 2027–$0.35
  • 2028–$0.49
  • 2029–$0.64
  • 2030–$0.70
  • 2031–$0.80


  1. Where is the contract address for Treat?

Ans. The address to buy Treat is 0x484f2ff94a7790759D56Fb1eFbAce8075aBA5e06.

  1. Which wallets support Treat NFT

Ans. Ans.

How do I buy Treats?

  1. Log in to SpookySwap and your wallet accounts
  2. With ETH, you can fund your wallet
  3. SpookySwap allows you to link your wallet
  4. Add the Treat coin to your wallet
  5. Click on the Swap button to exchange Ethereum for Treat coin


Treat is a brand new token on the market. Although the project was launched in 2021 only 20K Treat were intended to be available. Only 2,630 Treat were distributed. Shytoshi Kusama predicts that the supply of Treat will rise further. The average price of Treat Token in 2031 is $0.80. Treat Token can be used by small investors who have a long gestation period. The Best Cryptocurrency Details for 2022.

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