How to Liven Up Your Travel Adventures in 2023

Ready to hit the road and have some travel-related fun this year? We’re sure you are. With Spring on the horizon, many of us are beginning to plan our domestic and international adventures. In truth, you can take any kind of trip and be reasonably confident that you’ll have a good time. But if you’re looking up your travel adventures this year, consider taking one of the following tips on board.

Set Yourself a Challenge

Most people plan their trips to be smooth from beginning to end. But the true adventurer knows that there’s power in the struggle. If you’re looking to create long-lasting memories this year, then consider adding some self-imposed challenges to your trips. For example, you could decide to only travel overland via trains, automobiles, and your two legs, with no flights allowed. Or you may set yourself a strict daily budget — this can sound unpleasant, but it forces you to think in creative ways, and certainly makes for a memorable trip.

Attend a World-Class Event

It can be fun to visit a destination no matter what’s going on, but it’s nearly always better when there’s a large event taking place. If you’re looking for a way to make your travel adventure more exciting, why not look at combining your trip with an event? A trip to Kentucky can be nice at any time of the year, but since this is one of the world’s leading horse racing locations, you can rest assured that it’s even more exciting when the famous Kentucky Derby is taking place. Pay a visit during that period, and you’ll get to enjoy all the awesome attractions as well as a historic sporting event.

Pick a Theme

Another option is to follow a theme on your travels. Traveling through France can be nice on its own, but it takes on a different dimension when you’re following a literary route through the country, such as the journeys that Ernest Hemingway made. Other ideas include a food tour of Northern Italy, visiting every Major League Baseball ground in the United States, or following in the footsteps of your ancestors by visiting your ancestral home.

Whatever you end up doing, make it count!

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