Visit Mexico: 6 Free or Affordable Things to See & Do as a Student

Visit Mexico

While some people are looking forward to snowy days, others prefer traveling to warmer countries for the winter. When the question about the final destination arises, often the choice falls on Mexico for very good reasons. Firstly, it is a world-class beach destination. Secondly, it offers fascinating nature, especially for animal lovers. 

Last but not least – even people on a student budget can visit Mexico, try incredible adventures, and get a lot of positive emotions. Those memories can be taken as a basis for the plot of your essay. This way, you might not even need to ask essay writers to write paper for me, as you will be overwhelmed with countless moments and emotions from the trip that only you can share with others. However, if you have never been to Mexico, this article will guide you on the best places of interest you can visit and the activities you can do there.

Visit the Mayan Ruins of Tulum

Opening hours: 8 am – 5 pm

Entrance fee: $2-4

In Mexico, you can find plenty of archeological sites, and one of them is Tulum. It is known for the amazing ruins of an ancient city rich in Mayan history. You can find these ruins at the very end of Tulum’s northern beach, Playa Paraiso, which is the most attractive thing about visiting Mayan Ruins, as this beach draws one’s attention with its stunning view of the coast. 

One more option for hanging out at the beach is watching pelicans. You can watch these giant birds soar into the air and then rocket into the depths of the sea when they see their prey.

However, if you want to take some pictures or become one with nature, you should head there by the time it opens, as it’s one of the most popular places in Tulum. Otherwise, you will be stuck in a big crowd without any chances to admire the scenery of the breathtaking ruins and coast.

Enjoy the Sunset at Zicatela Beach

Zicatela Beach is one of the most famous 3.5 km-long beaches in Puerto Escondido. This is a paradise for surfers due to its tempestuous surfing waves of the Mexican Pipeline. Here, at this legendary white sand beach covered with coconut palms, you can capture an unforgettable sunset over the horizon. 

Beach bars full of people, loud music, and the scent of Mexican food will be a perfect addition to the atmosphere. Besides, the water in the evening is perfect for swimming.

Visit the Azulik Museum

Opening hours: 10 am – 10 pm

Entrance fee: $20

Another spectacular spot, also known as Sfer Ik Museion, is the tropical art gallery located next to the Azulik Hotel. It’s a location with a unique design, undulating concrete walls, vine floors, beautiful natural light, and tree branches everywhere. We’ll warn you right away that you’re only allowed to take pictures on your smartphone! Upon entering the museum, you must take off your shoes and leave them at the door. 

Sfer Ik is a nest-like structure made of locally sourced wood, smooth concrete, and a haze of incense that fills the room. The most notable feature is the walkway leading upstairs to the roof exit and the large circular windows. In addition, the Azulik Museum hosts many different art exhibitions throughout the year.

Have a Trip to Las Coloradas 

Opening hours: 9 am – 5 pm

Entrance fee: free

At the very end of the Yucatan Peninsula is an amazing place full of colors. These stunning pink salt-filled lakes are called Las Coloradas. In general, no fee is required to see the pink lakes. However, if you want to have a closer look at them, you will have to pay around $15, which includes a brief guided tour. 

The road to Las Coloradas stretches along the coastline, and there are several places where you can turn off and find yourself on the white sandy coast of the Gulf of Mexico. In addition, this beach is the best spot for animal lovers as here you can spot a lot of turtles and flamingos. 

Las Coloradas is a very popular place, which means it’s always crowded. So if you mind staying among numerous tourists, you can pass this place and travel further beyond the village. There you will not find “fancy” pink lakes, but at least you can enjoy the silence and admire the beauty of this place without pandemonium.

Driving times to Las Coloradas from nearby destinations are as follows:

  • Merida – 2 hours 50 minutes
  • Tulum – 3.5 hours
  • Cancun – 3.5 hours
  • El Cuyo – 1 hour 45 minutes
  • Valladolid – 2 hours
  • Playa del Carmen – 3.5 hours

Take Pictures of Ven a la Luz

The Ven a la Luz, or Raw Love is a restaurant that can be found on one of Tulum’s beaches and is best known for its art installation located at the very entrance. It’s a really impressive and very popular place. This outstanding masterpiece was created by Daniel Popper, a talented artist who specializes in art installations around the world.

Again, we recommend going there early in the morning if you want to take a picture of this installation. Otherwise, you’ll likely be standing in line among other tourists for hours. This task is also complicated by the fact that you have to take pictures from the other side of a very busy road, which means you also have to wait for passing cars.

Visit the Suytun Cenote

Opening hours: 9 am – 4:30 pm

Entrance fee: $6

This is an amazing cenote known for the installation in the center and the ray of light falling on it. Generally, tourists come here not to swim but for the sake of taking a picture under this light. 

However, catching this ray is not an easy task. First of all, you need to arrive in the cenote around noon, when the light shines directly down. But there is a risk of getting into a huge line. To avoid it, we recommend you arrive just before the opening. Moreover, check the weather before traveling there, as, on a cloudy or rainy day, the ray will not appear.

To Sum Up

Mexico is a unique country with outstanding nature and various sights that is definitely worth visiting, even on a student budget. Here you can swim in cenotes, unravel the mystery of a vanished civilization, try delicious local food and watch beautiful sunsets and sunrises while sitting on a white sand beach.



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