Chad Dela Pena Cause of Death: What Happened To Chad Dela Pena?

After hearing about his death, people want to know the cause of death. Read this article to learn more.

Chad Dela Pena: Who is he?

Chad Dela Pena, a prominent figure in the world esports who tragically died at 27 years old, was a prominent person. His role as boot camp manager for Nexplay EVOS – a professional esports squad – had earned him respect and recognition. He was responsible for overseeing training sessions of the team and ensuring that they were prepared for competitions.

Chad was not only respected for his professional abilities, but also for his positive outlook and friendly demeanor. Many players described him as an older brother. His combination of professionalism with approachability made him popular not only among his peers but also among esports fans. Chad was also a skilled marksman, which added to his reputation as an impressive player.

What happened to Chad Dela Pena

Charles David “Chad”, the former bootcamp manager of Nexplay EVOS died at the age 27 on April 23, 2023. His colleagues and players regarded him as an experienced veteran and older brother figure within the esports organisation.

Both Chad and Navi’s sudden deaths have shocked the Filipino MLBB Community. Many players and fans expressed their condolences, and shared memories of their interactions with these two beloved characters. Their sudden deaths are a reminder that the esports community is comprised of real people who have impacted many lives and made significant contributions.

Many in the esports world mourned his passing, as they lost a beloved and talented figure. His contributions to the industry, and positive impact on those who knew of him, will be remembered.

Chad Dela Pena Death Cause

Chad Dela Pena was a former bootcamp manager at Nexplay EVOS, and a respected figure within the esports world. He died on April 23, 2023. The MPL Philippines and the esports world mourned the untimely death of Coach Navi, an ex-player and coach for RSG Ignite. There is currently no information available regarding the cause and manner of death of Chad Dela Pena.

Although the cause of Chad’s death was not publicly revealed, the impact he had on the professional world and those with whom he worked were indisputable. His supportive and caring nature was reflected in his reputation as “older brother”. The kindness and dedication of Chad and Navi will be remembered by all those who have been touched by them.

How Did Chad Dela Pena Die?

Chad Dela Pena died in a mysterious manner. The cause of his death is not known. Former boot camp manager of Nexplay EVOS, Chad Dela Pena passed away at 27 years old on April 23, 2023. The esports world was shocked by his sudden death. Many people shared their memories and condolences on social media.

Chad was a beloved figure on the MPL. His positive attitude, his marksmanship abilities, and his positive outlook made him an admired figure. His peers and fans regarded him highly, and his death has had a profound effect on the esports scene. Chad was well-known in the esports industry and was respected by his peers and fans alike. His sudden death has been a great loss to his family, his friends and the entire esports scene.

Chad Dela Pena Obituary

Many people have expressed their condolences online for the passing of Chad Dela Pena. We acknowledge his untimely death with great sadness. Several people have expressed their sorrow and condolences on social media after hearing the news.

Our deepest sympathies are extended to the family and friends of Chad Dela Pena during this difficult period. We hope those who have been affected by this tragedy can find strength to cope with the loss. His legacy will continue to live on in the lives of the many people he touched while he was active in the esports community. All who knew him will miss him.

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