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Know Stephen Kasolo? Stephen Kasolo is a man from East Africa who has a special place in people’s heart. Check out his biography.

What is Stephen Kasolo all about?

Stephen Kasolo is a Kenyan gospel singer who has created a sensation with his incredible talent and inspirational story of perseverance. His first album “Ndikasyoka Thinani” earned him the prestigious Mwafaka grant not once but twice, in 2012 and 2014 The chart-topping single “Kitole” from the album won the Eastern Melody of the Year grants.

Kasolo has had a profound impact on Kenyan gospel music. His music is incredibly powerful and has touched many people’s hearts. Kasolo has been passionate about music since childhood. His unwavering devotion to his faith and prayer helped him achieve his dream of becoming a major star in the music industry.

Kasolo has become a force to be reckoned. He has won over fans all around the world with his soul-stirring performances and beautiful lyrics in Kamba. Kasolo’s passion and energy are evident in every note he sings, and each beat to which he dances. Kasolo is an inspiration for all who want to make it big in music. He’s a shining example what hard work, dedication, and faith can achieve.

Stephen Kasolo Biography

Stephen Kasolo, a Kenyan gospel singer, songwriter and dancer, is an accomplished recording artist. He was born in January 1994 and faced many challenges as a child. Stephen was committed to his faith and education despite these challenges. He has released several album. Stephen’s music is a major influence on the Kenyan Gospel Industry. He is one of the biggest Gospel stars in Eastern Kenya. Take a look at Stephen Kasolo’s biography

NameStephen Kasolo
Birthdays26 January 1994
Born PlaceKenya, East Africa
Marital StatusMarried

Stephen Kasolo Wedding

Kenyan gospel music is abuzz with excitement after Stephen Kasolo, a talented musician and his longtime love Grace, have officially married. The colorful wedding of the couple was a sight for sore eyes, as friends, family and fans gathered to celebrate love and commitment.

Kasolo has been a popular figure in the gospel music community despite a recent controversy where he apologized for a disturbing video that threatened to harm Shine, his three-year old daughter. His inspirational message of faith, perseverance and powerful music have touched the hearts and minds of many fans. Kasolo’s recent foray in politics has only increased his star power.

Kasolo’s fans are excited to see where this rising star will go in the future. Kasolo’s infectious energy and unwavering commitment to his craft will no doubt continue to have a positive influence on the music industry. Here’s to more love, music and success for the happy couple!

Stephen Kasolo Wife

Love will always find a way. Stephen Kasolo, a Kenyan gospel singer, revealed recently that he lived separately from his bride Grace Mbeneka for five years before they finally tied the knot at a beautiful garden wedding. The couple, who share a child, waited until they were married to move in together.

Stephen, a man who loves God, admits those early years of his life were difficult, but he knew Grace was for him. They had talked about building a home together and a future as a couple. Stephen made sure that their wedding day was one to remember. The couple exchanged vows in front of their friends and family and began a new journey.

Stephen and Grace are enjoying their honeymoon with their daughter in an exotic destination. The couple, despite all the obstacles they have faced, are already planning on expanding their family by adding another child. This couple is a testament to love and dedication, and they wish the best for their fans as well.

Stephen Kasolo Age

Stephen Kasolo, who is only 29 years old has accomplished so much already in his life. He is a gifted gospel recording artist, singer, and dancer who has won the hearts of many Kenyans and others with his inspiring music and message of hope. Stephen’s age, however, is more than just a number. It is a testimony to his drive and determination to achieve.

Stephen, despite facing many obstacles and challenges along the way has never wavered in his dedication to music and making a positive difference in the world. Stephen’s youthful enthusiasm and energy have allowed him to reach fans of all ages. His wisdom and maturity has earned him respect from his peers within the gospel community.

Stephen’s impact on the world will only continue to grow as he grows and develops both as an artist, and person. Stephen’s age is only one part of his life story. But it is a powerful message that everyone, no matter their age, can achieve greatness.

Stephen Kasolo Family

Stephen Kasolo’s childhood was full of challenges and pain. He lost his parents and his sister while he was in primary school, which left him on his own to deal with his brother’s mental health problems. Stephen’s unwavering commitment to God and his faith in God allowed him to persevere and complete his education.

Stephen did not give up his dreams despite the obstacles that he encountered. Stephen went on to earn a Journalism degree at Multimedia University, while using his musical talent to inspire others. His first album included a powerful Swahili tune, “Yamekuwa Machungu”, where he revealed his own struggles and prayed to God for strength.

Stephen also completed his secondary education at Katulani high school in Kitui where he worked hard and stayed focused on his goals. Stephen is now a gospel musician and journalist who has achieved success. His story reminds us of the importance of faith and resilience in overcoming any challenge.

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