Who Is Norberto Vitangcol Wife: Know About The Controversy!

Norberto VItangcol’s Wife? – Norberto Vitangcol (also known as Bert) is a well-known figure due to his controversial tenure as Chief of Metro Rail Transit (MRT III). His professional life has been subject to much scrutiny and debate. However, very little is known about him personally, especially his wife.

This article will explore Norberto Vitangcol’s personal life, as well as his relationship with Alice Eduardo.

Who is Norberto Vitangcol, and what are his responsibilities?

Norberto Vitangcol, a Filipino engineer/businessman, was the Chief of Metro Rail Transit III (MRT III), from 2010 to 2014. He was accused of several crimes during his tenure including extortion and graft. This led to his resignation.

Vitangcol was previously the Director-General for the Philippine Economic Zone Authority (PEZA), and Vice President of Light Rail Transit Authority.

Who is Norberto Vitangcol’s wife?

Norberto Vitangcol’s spouse is Alice Eduardo. She is a well-known Filipino businesswoman. Eduardo is the CEO at Santa Elena Construction and Development Corporation. This construction company specializes in infrastructure projects.

Vitangcol has kept much of his private life secret, so little is known about their relationship and how they met.

What does Norberto Vitangcol have to do with the MRT III controversy

Norberto Vitangcol’s name was synonymous with the MRT III scandal, when he was accused in several cases related to his tenure at the head of the transit system.

The Office of the Ombudsman brought charges against Vitangcol, along with others, for extortion and graft in connection to the award of a maintenance contract for the MRT III. His post was then resigned.

Vitangcol was found guilty by Sandiganbayan’s anti-graft court of graft in 2019 and sentenced to up to 10 year imprisonment. Vitangcol has appealed his sentence and has not yet served his time.

What is Alice Eduardo’s connection with the MRT III controversy

Alice Eduardo has no direct connection to MRT III. Santa Elena Construction and Development Corporation, her company, was involved in many infrastructure projects in the Philippines. This included the construction of Skyway Stage 3. It has also been subject to controversy due to its toll fees.

Commonly Asked Questions:

  • Is Norberto Vitangcol still married with Alice Eduardo?

We don’t know if Norberto Vitangcol or Alice Eduardo are still married.

  • How much does Alice Eduardo have in net worth?

Forbes estimates that Alice Eduardo’s net worth was approximately US$740 Million in 2021.

  • Was Alice Eduardo called to testify at Norberto Vitangcol’s trial?

No evidence is available to indicate that Alice Eduardo was a witness in Norberto Vitangcol’s trial.

  • What’s Norberto Vitangcol doing right now?

Norberto Vitangcol, who was dismissed from MRT III’s post, has returned to the private sector. It is not clear what he is doing at the moment.

  • What’s the status of Norberto vitangcol’s appeal?”

At the time of writing, the appeal status of Norberto VItangcol is still unknown.

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