Who is Joe Fournier: Everything You Need To Know!

Who is Joe Fournier? This comprehensive article provides a detailed look at the personality of Joe Fournier, including his notable contributions.

Who is Joe Fournier?

Joe Fournier is an English professional boxer and businessman who began his career with a fitness company. After running the business successfully for some time, Joe Fournier decided to sell it and enter the nightclub business. This marked the beginning of a new chapter for his entrepreneurial career.

Fournier, in terms of his career as a boxer, participated in an exhibition match against David Haye at the September 11, 2021. He was not able to win the match and it ended in a unanimous decision. Fournier was not deterred and continued to pursue boxing.

Fournier and KSI faced off in a highly-anticipated fight on May 13, 2023. The match was controversial, however, because Fournier lost in the second round. Some questioned the decision. Fournier’s dedication and determination to the sport remains steadfast despite the loss.

There are contradictory reports regarding Fournier’s background. Some sources claim that Fournier was born in Monaco, but later moved to London. The Times, on the other hand, claims that he is born in London but later moved to Monaco. Fournier was educated at the Lycee Francais Charles De Gaulle de Londres, in Kensington, and then at the American Community School. Fournier moved to Hounslow, with his mother, after his parents separated. He continued his education in Ashton House Primary School, and then transferred to Isleworth & Syon School. Fournier’s lifestyle changed dramatically during this time, from having a chauffeur and a privileged childhood to using public transport.

Fournier studied sports science and human biology at St Mary’s University. He divides his current time between Miami and London as he pursues his boxing career while also engaging in business ventures.

Joe Fournier Records


LossDavid HayeHayemakerYou can also find out more about Decision MakingUnanimousTriller Fight Club: Oscar De La Hoya vs Vitor BelfortSept. 11, 2021
WinReykonEl LiderCorner StoppageRTDTriller Fight Club: Jake Paul vs Ben AskrenApril 17, 2021
WinAntonio SanchezTKOCancha Palma de Alma Rosa, Santo DomingoDec. 16, 2016
WinFrancisco Suero PerezTKOPolideportivo Ambiorix Estevez, DajabonAug. 21, 2016
WinJohnny AscencioTKOClub Luz y Progreso, Santiago de los CaballerosAug. 1, 2016
WinJose SantosTKOClub Maquiteria Santo DomingoJuly 15, 2016.
XMustapha StiniNo ContestNinoveJune 25, 2016
WinBela JuhaszTKOO2 Arena, GreenwichMay 21, 2016
WinPedro SencionTKOColiseo Pedro Julio Nolasco, La RomanaFeb. 20, 2016
WinManuel RegaladoTKOCasa de los Clubes, Santo DomingoNov. 20, 2015
WinJorge BurgosTKOCasa de los Clubes, Santo DomingoOct. 22, 2015

Who won in Ksi Vs Joe Fournier?

KSI won the boxing match against Joe Fournier. The fight was held at London’s Wembley Arena, and KSI won by knockout in the second round.

Joe Fournier was unable, despite his previous undefeated record, to demonstrate his skills during the match. KSI immediately put Fournier on defense when they took control of this fight. KSI threw Fournier on the ground in the first round. Fournier complained about a blow at the back of his skull.

In the second round, KSI landed a powerful blow over the shoulder on Fournier. This resulted in a knockout. The knockout was controversial, as replays suggested that it may have been an elbow. The referee deemed the knockout legitimate and KSI won.

This was KSI’s fifth professional boxing victory, confirming his status as a rising sport star. The fight was held in front of a packed-out audience at Wembley Arena. This added to the significance of KSI’s win, as he is from London.

It’s worth mentioning that KSI has a history of success in the boxing ring. His previous win over Jake Paul further cemented his reputation. KSI has achieved great success both in the social media world as a personality, and also in the boxing ring.

There was also an exciting undercard, with wins by Deji and Swarmz. Anthony Taylor won as well. KSI’s dominating performance and knockout win over Joe Fournier stole the show and left the audience anticipating his next move.

What is the age of Joe Fournier

The age of a person is not a factor that defines them. People are curious about the age of those they like on social media. Joe Fournier was a born in Hounslow on 23 January 1983. In 2023 he will be 40. After retiring from boxing because of a scaphoid, Fournier established his own gym. He took on multiple roles, including trainer, PR representative and cleaner.

Fournier, through hard work and dedication gained fame as a trainer and expanded his gym. He also attracted a celebrity clientele. He wrote a book in 2008 called “Red Carpet Workout” which was a source for pride to his family and especially his mother. Fournier shared the upfront payment and royalties of around PS30,000 with his ghostwriter and agent.

Fournier sold his fitness studios and business to a reputable FTSE 100 firm in 2012. The freehold leases he owned on the gym properties were the source of his financial success. This was a venture that he almost accidentally stumbled into. Fournier says that the property ownership, rather than the gyms they self, brought him significant wealth. Fournier’s career was shaped by the sale of 14 gyms to a FTSE 100 firm.

Ksi vs Joe Fournier live updates

The result of the KSI vs. Joe Fournier match remains unchanged, but is under review and could be reversed by the end this week.

KSI, a popular YouTuber-turned-boxer, made his return to the ring in a highly anticipated match against his longtime rival, Joe Fournier. After KSI’s January win, the two engaged in a fight. Their main event was on DAZN.

The fight was not without controversy. KSI landed a powerful left hook during the match. Fournier, who was undefeated, staggered and tried to clinch. KSI’s second short hook knocked out the 40-year old Fournier.

Upon watching the replays it appears that KSI’s hook may not have landed on Fournier’s face, but rather his elbow. The strike appeared to be an accident, as it happened while the two fighters were clinching.

After the fight, some people called for the outcome of the match to be changed into a loss or a no contest. Joe Fournier responded by filing an appeal with the Professional Boxing Association.

The British Boxing Board of Control is usually the sanctioning body for professional boxing in the UK. The PBA did sanction the Misfits boxing event, where KSI fought Fournier. The PBA is now responsible for making an important decision about the appeal. The association has announced that it will make a decision before Friday as it is now in the spotlight.

KSI has expressed his desire to face Tommy Fury in his next bout, after he defeated Jake Paul. Following Fury’s win, the two fought in the ring. KSI and Fournier are rumored to be rematching due to the controversy that surrounded his victory against Fournier. KSI issued a long statement on Twitter addressing the issue. He said that he thought his win was inevitable, and that his forearm appeared to have made contact with Fournier. KSI was disappointed that the controversial strike could have devalued their win.

The PBA will ultimately decide the outcome of the fight and whether or not a rematch is possible. They will consider Joe Fournier’s appeal, and evaluate the controversy surrounding the match.

Ksi vs Joe Fournier: Countdown

The MF & Dazn X Series: 007 Countdown Show took place at the OVO Wembley Arena in London, England on Saturday, 13 May. This was the first event in the “Misfits boxing” series that was broadcast on DAZN.

Main event was the highly anticipated fight between KSI vs Joe Fournier. KSI was a YouTuber who became a professional boxer. He had an undefeated 3 wins record, which included all knockouts. Fournier, an unbeaten professional boxer from London, has a 9-win record, with all of them coming by knockout. He also had 1 no contest. The fight between these two undefeated boxers attracted a lot of attention.

The fight card also featured several other thrilling matchups. Deji Olatunji fought against Swarmz, the brother to KSI in a four round light heavyweight bout. Anthony Taylor faced Salt Papi, in a catchweight fight of three rounds. ViruZz fought DK Money at cruiserweight in a match of three rounds.

The event was broadcast live in Australia on DAZN on Sunday May 14 and on Main Event on Kayo, giving fans the chance to see the action unfold.

The MF & DAZN X-Series: 007 Countdown Show featured a number of exciting fights. Joe Fournier and KSI were the main attractions, capturing fans around the world.

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