Who is Alice Eduardo: Read Her All Details Here!

Alice Eduardo is a well-known Filipino businesswoman who made a name in the construction industry. Sta. Elena Construction and Development Corporation has played an important role in the construction of infrastructure, industrial, commercial, and residential properties across the country.

Alice Eduardo is well-known for her extraordinary professional accomplishments and her beautiful homes. We will be taking a closer look at Alice Eduardo’s personal and professional lives, including her marriage, children, home, net worth, education, and house. We’ll also answer common questions and present a table that summarizes key facts about Alice Eduardo.

Alice Eduardo: Who are you?

Alice Eduardo, a well-known Filipino businesswoman, is the president and CEO of Sta. Sta. is her company’s president and CEO. Elena Construction and Development Corporation is one of the most prominent construction companies in the country. She was born in Manila, Philippines on 20 March 1965. Her family is full of entrepreneurs.

Alice Eduardo is a leader and a dedicated worker. Numerous awards and honors have been presented to her, including Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year in 2015.

Who is Alice Eduardo?

Alice Eduardo is married with Noberto Vitangcol. He is also involved in construction. Noberto Vitangcol, the President of Structural Steel Inc. is a company that offers steel fabrication and construction services.

Alice Eduardo’s House

Alice Eduardo is well-known for her extravagant lifestyle and stunning homes. She showcased her new sanctuary in 2019, a stunning mansion situated in Tagaytay (Philippines). It has a stunning view of Taal Lake, and a minimalist design.

Alice Eduardo’s Children

Alice Eduardo is married to Noberto Vitangcol and has three children. They are Jacqueline Vitangcol, Jameson Vitangcol, and Jessica Vitangcol. Alice is a busy woman, but she makes time for her family despite her hectic schedule.

Alice Eduardo’s Net worth

Alice Eduardo, a businesswoman with an estimated net worth $260 million USD, is one of the richest in the Philippines. Her successful construction and development business, Sta., has helped her accumulate her wealth. Elena Construction and Development Corporation

Alice Eduardo’s Education

Alice Eduardo received her Business Administration degree from St. Scholastica’s College, Manila, Philippines. She continued her studies in the United States where she studied engineering and project management.

Commonly Asked Questions:

  • What is Alice Eduardo’s company famous for?

Sta.’s CEO is Alice Eduardo. Elena Construction and Development Corporation is a prominent construction company in the Philippines that is known for its expertise in residential, industrial, and commercial projects.

  • What are some notable accomplishments of Alice Eduardo?

Alice Eduardo was awarded numerous accolades and awards, including the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the year award in 2015 and the Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Award for 2019.

  • How did Alice Eduardo achieve success?

Alice Eduardo’s leadership abilities, dedication to her work and keen eye for business opportunities are the key to her success. She surrounds herself with talented people and invests in their growth.

  • What is Alice Eduardo’s new sanctuary in Tagaytay, Philippines?

Alice Eduardo’s sanctuary is a stunning mansion in a quiet area of Tagaytay (Philippines). It boasts stunning views of the Taal Lake, and is modernized with minimalist design.

  • How much does Alice Eduardo have in net worth?

Alice Eduardo is worth $260 million USD.

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