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Oakley Carlson’s parents, Andrew Carlson and Jordan Bowers are serving prison sentences for child endangerment. Oakley, a young girl who’s been missing since 2021, is currently behind bars.

Oakley Carlson was just 4 years old when she vanished in 2021. Investigators began to realize that, while they were desperate to find her, this location was not the best for her.

The systems put in place to protect her may have been the reason why those in charge of her disappearance were able to access her.

The search for Oakley Carlson began in December 2021, two years after she vanished from Grays Harbor County.

According to court documents, Oakley’s younger sister attended a sleepover in the home of the principal of Oakville elementary school. When an adult asked about Oakley, the girl replied, “There is no Oakley.”

The statement went on to say that Oakley had “gone out into the forest and was eaten up by wolves” in a conversation with the girl.

Jordan Bowers has a different perspective for people who have known her. Some of her former friends are angry; others think that she sold her daughter.

Let’s learn more about Oakley’s parents in this article. They are the most likely suspects of the missing girl’s case.

What Are Jordan Bowers and Andrew Carlson? Oakley Carlson’s Parents

Oakley Carlson’s biological parents are Jordan Bowers and Andrew Carlson. Both have been convicted of child endangerment.

She was exposed to child abuse by her mother and father and later adopted.

Oakley’s foster mother said she still hopes that Washington State authorities and Grays Harbor County can find her alive.

Jamie Jo Hiles admitted to The Dori Monson show that the state officials who returned Oakley in November 2019 to Andrew Carlson, Jordan Bowers and their foster parents are making her more and more angry.

Hiles and Erik raised the infant for two years.Oakley Carlson and her foster parents Jamie Jo Hiles, and Erik Hiles.

Investigators say Oakley hasn’t been seen since February 20, but her biological parents who have a history of drug use believe that she disappeared in November 2021.

Hiles said: “I don’t understand how anyone could think that this was okay, not only Oakley Carlson, but also her siblings, to place them in this situation. I can’t imagine a judge or a welfare officer thinking this way.

Oakley’s parents’ home was also the focus of an investigation by the County Sheriff’s Office Gray Harbor in December 2021. She was not present.

Records reveal that Oakley’s toys and clothes were not on the family property. Oakley’s biological parents haven’t confirmed her whereabouts.

Oakley Carlson parents arrested

Andrew Carlson and Jordan Bowers, the parents of Oakley Carlson, were found guilty of different counts at the start of this spring of endangering other children.

Two of the three children who still lived at home were found to have “extremely” high levels of methamphetamine.

Jamie Hiles, Oakley’s foster mother is optimistic about the child she used to call her own, even though both parents were sentenced to prison after harming Oakley’s siblings.Jordan Bowers, the mother of Oakley Carlson, appeared before the court on 17 January 2023.

Oakley spent around three years with a foster home before returning to Bowers and Carlson. Jamie, her foster mother, has been open about the system which allowed Oakley to return to her biological parents’ home.

Hiles stated that she was always worried that something would happen on the night Oakley disappeared and that circumstances felt “rushed.”

Jamie Hiles said, “We warned (DCYF), multiple times, that this was not a safe choice. We begged them to “please, don’t allow her to go back. It isn’t secure.”

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