Who Are Cam Roigard Parents: Where Are They From?

Cam Roigard’s parents are Dave and Lisa. Cam Roigard, a rugby union player from New Zealand who represents the Hurricanes, is the son of Dave and Lisa.

Roigard, a New Zealand-born athlete, is a scrumhalf on the field.

The team management announced that he had been added to the Hurricanes’ squad at the last moment for Round 7 of the Super Rugby Aotearoa 2021 season.

Early April saw a major development with Cam Roigard. The former speedway driver is now considered for the All Blacks Rugby team.

Roigard will have a vested interest in the outcome of the Hurricanes’ match against the Western Force on Sunday at Palmerston North Central Energy Trust Arena.

It is interesting to note that Roigard has never raced on this track during his saloon driving career.

The All Blacks were aware of Roigard’s enormous potential despite his limited performances for the Hurricanes the previous season.

Rugby: Who are Cam Roigard’s parents, Dave and Lisa?

Dave and Lisa Roigard were Cam Roigard’s parents. Cam is from a Speedway family, and Cam was also a Speedway driver.

Dave Roigard was his father. He had a racing career spanning three decades.

Dave started as a crewmember for Geoff Fletcher – a former New Zealand champion.

He had the chance to become a driver over time.

He competed in the super stock class for around five years before the article was published, but due to age considerations he switched to the saloon category.Cam was 10 years old when he began racing. He comes from a family that is passionate about motorsports.

Dave’s sons naturally followed in his footsteps, given his involvement in Speedway.

Stefan and Cam both began their racing career in mini-stocks, but Stefan progressed to saloon class when he was eligible.

Dave’s decision to step back allowed Stefan to finish the season driving his father’s vehicle, while Cam moved up to the saloon-class using his brother’s car.

Cam entered the Rugby world in 2021. He stated his desire to play rugby full-time with the Hurricanes.

He decided to retire from racing speedway despite being actively involved and helping his brother in the crew.

It was not feasible for him to pursue his professional career due to the inherent dangers of Speedway, and also because of the financial demands that motorsports impose.

Rugby remained his main focus and ambition for a long-lasting career, even while he was still racing.

Cam Roigard Siblings And Family

Cam Roigard has a younger brother, Stefan Roigard. Dave, Lisa and their two boys have been involved in Speedway since many years.

Cam comes from a motorsports-loving family. He began racing in mini stock at Huntly International Speedway at the age of 10.

He progressed from saloon racing to the New Zealand Championships, where he achieved his best result, finishing second.Cam was added to the Hurricanes team at the last moment during the Super Rugby Aotearoa 2021 season

Roigard was juggling his rugby and speedway involvement when he got the chance to join Hurricanes in 2021.

This opportunity was given to him as a replacement for Jamie Booth who suffered an injury to his leg.

He had initially planned to join the Hurricanes only for preseason training, but ended up staying with them throughout the season.

He has been thriving in rugby ever since. His performance and dedication led him to a full-time deal for 2022.

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