What Is Restylane Used for?

As we age, little lines and wrinkles become more and more noticeable, and it has a major impact on one’s appearance and outlook in general. No wonder so many options for skin rejuvenation exist nowadays: dermal fillers, botulinum toxin injections, revitalizing solutions for mesotherapy – the list goes on and on.

Injectable fillers to eliminate facial wrinkles and folds are among the most common and highly recommended products out there, so we believe it’s a good idea to talk about them more to understand the differences better. Today’s article is dedicated to Restylane – one of the top sellers in the cosmetic beauty sphere. What is it, and how does this injection work? How to understand whether it’s suitable for one’s needs? Below, you’ll find all the answers!

How Does Restylane Work?

Restylane is a brand of hyaluronic acid fillers used for lost volume restoration in certain facial areas; it’s safe and effective and is suitable for practically any customer due to its beneficial composition. As HA is a naturally occurring substance, it rarely causes adverse reactions, so many medical specialists purchase Restylane to use in their clinics to provide youthful skin to patients.

When the solution is administered under the skin, it fills in sunken zones, making them plumper and more defined. Of course, it’s essential to go through the initial consultation with a doctor before deciding on this brand, but the truth is it’s suitable for practically everyone. On top of that, the effect is durable; most people may expect a year and more of youthful appearance, which is a significant factor when deciding which product to choose for the procedure.

Facial aging is an unfortunate problem, but it’s not the end of the world. Fortunately, there are numerous excellent options to choose from on the market, so consider and give it a go after finding a reliable and trustworthy medical professional.

What Is Restylane Filler Used for? The Variety

Several effective dermal filler types are presented in the Restylane family, and we believe it’s essential to know the difference to ensure the most suitable option is picked in the end. Each one varies based on the formulation, HA concentration, density, etc., so let’s have a closer look at each of them to ensure all essential factors are considered before the injection session.

To buy dermal fillers online, a person must be a board-certified specialist. Otherwise, using Restylane for a patient’s needs can be dangerous.

  • Restylane Silk. This injection is the most suitable to be administered into the lower and upper lip to reach the lip enhancement effect. It’s also excellent for patients over the age of 21 to correct minor aging signs and smooth out unevenness on the facial surface;
  • Restylane Lyft. This one is great to correct moderate to severe facial wrinkles, such as nasolabial folds, marionette lines, smile lines, etc. In these areas, the results last up to a year. If you choose it to restore facial volume, the expected durability is up to six months;
  • Restylane Kysse. This one is the best variant for lip augmentation and contouring. Natural-looking, long-lasting effect is guaranteed to every client;
  • Restylane Defyne. This option works best for individuals who need definition in their face, add sharpness to the jawline and cheeks, and improve their appearance in this way;
  • Restylane Resyne. This type of Restylane filler is the best for deep creases in the perioral and nasolabial zones. It fills in the hollowness perfectly so that people can expect significant skin tone and texture improvement.

More About the Procedure Protocol

Restylane injections are common cosmetic procedures used to enhance facial appearance by adding volume and reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. The process follows a standardized protocol to ensure safety and optimal results.

  1. Consultation. The first step is a consultation with a qualified medical professional. During this session, the practitioner will assess your facial features, discuss your aesthetic goals, and evaluate your overall health and suitability for the treatment;
  2. Preparation and application. Before the injection, the treatment area is cleaned and prepared. Restylane, a hyaluronic acid-based filler, is then injected into specific points of the face using a fine needle or a cannula. The injection technique and amount of filler units used depend on the desired outcome and the areas being treated. The practitioner may gently massage the treated areas to ensure even distribution of the filler and to minimize the risk of lump formation;
  3. Aftercare and follow-up. After the treatment, you may experience mild swelling, redness, or bruising in the treated areas, but these typically subside within a few days. The medical professional will provide you with specific aftercare instructions, which may include avoiding excessive sun exposure, rigorous physical activity, and certain medications or supplements that could increase your chances of the risk of bruising. Attending any scheduled follow-up appointments is important to assess the results and address any concerns or touch-up treatments if necessary.

Overall, that’s it. Quite simple and understandable, isn’t it? Still, in case there are any questions, you’re always welcome to discuss them with your doctor; they will explain all the little details so there is no confusion or anxiety.

Possible Adverse Reactions

Restylane dermal fillers are generally considered safe, and still, there are potential side effects that you should be aware of. Common adverse reactions of Restylane injections include temporary redness, swelling, bruising, and tenderness at the injection site. These effects are usually mild and resolve on their own after a few days or weeks.

In rare cases, more serious side effects may occur. Allergic reactions to Restylane can happen but are extremely rare. Signs of an extreme allergic reaction may include itching, hives, difficulty breathing, or swelling of the face, lips, tongue, or throat. If you experience any of these symptoms, it is important to seek immediate medical attention. To ensure your safety and minimize the likelihood of complications, it is crucial to choose a qualified and experienced healthcare professional for your Restylane injections. They can provide you with detailed information about the potential side effects and help you make an informed decision about the procedure.

The Bottom Line

Restylane dermal fillers are effective and safe, so there’s no surprise they are so popular among cosmetic procedures enthusiasts nowadays. Thanks to the wide variety, practically any aesthetic goal can be fulfilled with the help of this brand. We highly recommend discussing all the nuances with a doctor to ensure it’s the right call for you. Start now and reach the appearance you’ve always dreamt of!

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