What Happened to Vasilisa and Valeriy: Is They Split Up?

Closed on Vasilisa and Valeriy Breakup: As a breakup reveals the conclusion of their skating relationship. discover the reasons behind Vasilisa Kaganovskaia’s and Valeriy Angelopol’s breakup.

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What Happened to Vasilisa And Valeriy?

Vasilisa Kaganovskaia, and Valeriy Angelopol, two pairs of Russian figure skaters, have declared the end of their collaboration. Their collaboration, which ran for four years, is coming to an end. It marks the conclusion of their journey, which involved participation at the Junior Grand Prix Final and the World Junior Championships.

Reminiscing about the breakup with her former partner Valeriy Angelopol Vasilisa Kaganovskaia offered her view on the issue: “Valera presented a contract to me, stating that unless I signed it by September 1st, he would discontinue our skating partnership. The contents of the contract pertained to me providing comprehensive support for him.”

For our dear friends You may have received the news that our skating team is no longer. Kaganovskaya Instagram post states, “Dear friends, as you have already seen, our couple no longer exists. It’s true, it’s not a fake. And I want to tell you the truth. I’ve never had a fight out of the hut, but I will not shut up now. It all started on July 4: Valera told me he didn’t want to ride with me. I know the reason too well, he told it to his friend and my mother.”

Did Vasilisa Kaganovskaia and Valeriy Angelopol Break Up?

Pair Kaganovskaya as well as Angelopol have decided to break up, which led to the end of their performance together. Dancers on ice Vasilisa Kaganovskaya as well as Valery Angelopol have ended their performances in collaboration as a result of mutual agreement according to on the website for the Russian Figure Skating Federation (FFKKR).

To prepare for the test skates scheduled on September 16-17 in the Moscow Megasport arena, the duo were previously listed as participants. Then, in April Kaganovskaya spoke to the press about about her expectations of the challenges in maintaining their competitive ranking for the upcoming season.

The duo comprised of Kaganovskaya and Angelopol was crowned champions at the Russian Grand Prix Final held in March in St. Petersburg. Their involvement in adult competitions stretches back to the 2022/23 seasons.

Who is Vasilisa Kaganovskaia?

Vasilisa Kaganovskaia, who hails originally from Saint Petersburg, Russia, is a skilled Russian Ice dancer. Her birthday is on October 14th in 2005. Her journey began skating at the age of seven She began a amazing journey through the skating world.

In the span of four years she forged a vibrant collaboration with her former colleague, Valeriy Angelopol, from 2019 until 2023. Their collaboration resulted in impressive results, including winning their title as 2023’s Russian Grand Prix Final champions as well as winning their 2021 Russian junior silver medal, establishing themselves as champions in their 2021 JGP Slovenia and earning their status as Silver medallists at the 2021 JGP Slovakia.

The story took an abrupt turn on September 1 2023, after Vasilisa and Valeriy made public their decision to end their relationship. The precise reason for the decision is not known however Vasilisa revealed that Valeriy sent her an ultimatum offering her an agreement that forced her to take on financial responsibilities. She refused to sign the agreement led to the two of them deciding to go on different tracks.

Vasilisa currently stands at the brink of a new chapter, searching for the right partner. Her immense talent and potential, along with her determination, form the basis to pursue new perspectives and goals. It is inevitable that she will find a new partner who has the same goals and will contribute to her ongoing success in the field of ice dancing.

NameVasilisa Kaganovskaia
Age:17 years old
Place of Birth:Saint Petersburg, Russia
Height:1.58 m
Alternative Names:Kaganovskaya
Began Skating:2008
Coach:Anjelika Krylova

Who is Valeriy Angelopol?

Valeriy Angelopol is an Russian Ice dancer. His skating journey began at the age 6 and reflects his early commitment for the art. His collaboration with the former teammate Vasilisa Kaganovskaia spans a long four-year span, which ran from 2019 until 2023.

Their combined efforts resulted in numerous accomplishments that included their victory of the 2023 Russian Grand Prix Final champions in addition to their acclaim as 2021 Russian junior silver medalists their triumph of their 2021 JGP Slovenia and their status as silver medalists for their 2021 JGP Slovakia.

But a major shift occurred on the 1st of September 2023, when Vasilisa and Valeriy have officially announced the end of their marriage. The exact reason behind the decision is still unknown, Vasilisa unveiled some insights she shared, revealing that Valeriy offered her an ultimatum to sign an agreement that required her financial backing for Valeriy. She refused to sign the contract resulted in the two of them deciding to break up.

NameValeriy Angelopol
Date of Birth (DOB):30 October 2003
Age:19 years old
Place of Birth:Moscow, Russia
Height:1.73 m

Vasilisa Kaganovskaia and Valeriy Angelopol

Vasilisa Kaganovskaia, along with Valeriy Angelopol formed a renowned Russian partner in ice dancing that competed together for an impressive period of four years beginning in 2019 until 2023. Their accomplishments together include winning the prestigious award of the 2023 Russian Grand Prix Final champions in addition to being named their 2021 Russian Junior Silver medalists and winning at the 2021 JGP Slovenia and securing the title as silver medalists in the 2021 JGP Slovakia.

The pivotal moment came in September 1st, 2023 when the couple announced their decision to end their partnership. Although the exact reason behind the decision is not known, Vasilisa has shed some information, revealing that Valeriy offered her an ultimatum, a contract obligation to support her financially to Valeriy. She refused to sign the agreement led to their mutual decision to set off on different routes.

Presently Vasilisa is on the lookout for the right partner. Her talents and potential makes her an experienced skater, which will help in that she is able to find someone who is a good match for her goals and assists in the achievement of her goals.

In the meantime, Valeriy’s plans aren’t disclosed, leaving the possibility of speculation about the future plans. Despite his potential talent, his path ahead involves efforts to repair his name and search for the right partner to contribute to his success.

It’s important to note, however that since the split, accusations of manipulation and control have surfaced which casts a shadow over Valeriy’s personality. While the allegations remain unproven however, they have definitely impacted his image in the media.

Although the long-term consequences of the breakup not clear for Valeriy but his path forward will require a constant effort to revamp his name and to find an alternative partner that is compatible with his goals.

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