What Happened To Mike Woods Fox 5: Where Did Mike Woods Go?

This article covers the answer to the question: What happened to Mike Woods Fox 5? Mike Woods has himself given a sweet response.

Mike Woods missing from Fox 5

The absence of Fox 5 NY Meteorologist Mike Woods in recent broadcasts has caused fans to ask about his whereabouts.

The Good Day New York crew, which includes lead anchors Rosanna Scotto and Bianca Peters as well as traffic reporter Ines Rosales and entertainment reporter Ryan Kristafer and weather anchor Mike Woods has established itself among viewers. They are integral to the morning news because of their regular appearances. When one of them is absent from the morning news, the audience becomes curious and concerned.

Fans have noticed that Mike Woods has not been seen for several weeks and are anxiously waiting for his return. Everyone is wondering: What happened with Mike Woods?

What happened to Mike Woods Fox Five?

Mike Woods is active on Instagram and regularly updates his supporters and followers about his personal life. He posts vacation photos as well as behind-the scenes moments from Fox 5 to give a glimpse of his life.

Mike Woods had a microdiscectomy in October 2021. Typically, this procedure is performed on patients who suffer from a painful herniated lumbar disc. The operation aims to remove the protruding or herniated portion of the intervertebral disk that is compressing spinal nerve roots.

Mike returned to work after his first surgery. He shared several posts that documented his progress. Mike’s recent absence is due to complications with his back.

Why is Mike Woods not on Fox News?

Mike Woods announced on Good Day in mid-February of 2023 that he was taking a leave of absence to undergo another back surgery. Recently, he discovered that his scoliosis from childhood had started to pinch his sciatic. He planned to take an extended break of approximately two to three month to facilitate his recovery.

Mike approached the surgery with optimism and expressed his belief that, after the procedure, he would be like “Bionic Man”.

He conducted an Instagram Live session on February 22, 2023 where he informed his followers about his health. He was recovering at home and had been in the post-operative stage for a week.

He said that he is taking it easy, and relaxing his body. He also revealed that he had a spinal disc fusion surgery to treat his issues.

Where did Mike Woods go?

Mike Woods, who announced his need for back surgery as well as his temporary absence from Good Day New York previously, returned to the show on Monday, 15 May.

Woods announced earlier this year that he would be undergoing surgery to treat his back problems. This meant he was absent from Good Day New York during a few of the months.

After a successful operation, he returned to his role in the show.

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