What Happened to Baby Raija: Where Is Baby Raija Now?

What happened to Baby Raija? Eight-month-old Raija suffered internal injuries, and died. Her father Jayden Straight received a 100-year prison sentence for her death.

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What happened to Baby Raija

Raija was transported urgently to a hospital located in Iowa because of severe head injuries. She died tragically on 14 July 2018 from her injuries. Raija’s attending doctor who treated her before her tragic demise stated that Raija’s injuries were caused by a deliberate attack, excluding any possibility of an unintentional injury or accident.

Jayden Straight’s father, Raija, has admitted to his guilt in Raija’s death and pleaded guilty. Raija’s death and the details of her injuries revealed the extent of the abuse she suffered. Multiple skull fractures and broken bones in the ribs caused a great deal of physical trauma to the child.

The community and Raija’s family members were left in deep grief by this tragic event. They struggled to understand the loss of a life of innocence and the tragedy that such violence was perpetrated on a defenseless girl. This tragic event serves as a stark reminder that it is important to protect and ensure the wellbeing of vulnerable individuals in our society, especially young children.

Who is Jayden straight?

Jayden Straight was 17 at the time. He brutally assaulted his 8-month-old Raija and left her with serious internal injuries. Her injuries included multiple fractures of the skull, broken ribs and a ruptured liver. She also suffered extensive retinal bleeding. Straight was trusted to care for Raija in July 2018, while Ri Bambino briefly left the house in Des Moines.

Straight fled the house before Bambino returned. She found her baby with unimaginable wounds. Straight surrendered himself to police the next day without providing any explanation as to why his daughter had been injured. Raija died on 14 July 2018 from her injuries.

Raija was treated by a doctor at the hospital prior to her death. The doctor confirmed that Raija’s injuries were caused by a deliberate attack, excluding any possibility that they could have been unintentional. Straight pleaded guilty for his role in the tragic death of his daughter.

Straight was initially sentenced to 50-years in prison. The court imposed five-decade sentences for three counts involving willful injury, and two counts involving child endangerment that resulted in serious injury. Straight will remain in prison until 2119, as the sentences are consecutive.

Robin Head, Raija’s Great-Grandmother, described the pain and loss that this tragic event caused. She shared her memories of the joy Raija had brought into her life over the eight months that they were together. She treasured the memories she has of holding Raija, laughing with her and touching her.

Where is Jayden straight now?

Jayden Straight was initially sentenced to 50 years in prison for his actions. The court decided that he would be sentenced to an additional five decades of imprisonment for his involvement in two counts of child abuse resulting in serious injuries and three counts of willful harm. Straight was sentenced to consecutive sentences, which means that he will be serving each sentence in turn and not concurrently.

Straight is expected to remain in prison for the next ten years, until 2119. The extended prison term reflects his seriousness and is a punishment for the damage he caused to his daughter as well as the severity of charges against him.

The decision of the court to impose a long prison sentence highlights the seriousness and need for justice when it comes to cases of abuse and endangerment against children. Straight’s sentence is intended to hold him accountable for his crimes and to deter others from committing similar acts.

Raija Baby Death

Ri Bambino’s mother expressed her grief during a vigil in memory of Raija Straight. Her great-grandmother also spoke about Raija. Ri Bambino, a composed Ri, urged all present to remember the name of her daughter, Raija, and stressed how important it was to honor Raija’s life.

Raija died tragically at Mercy Hospital. More than 100 people gathered with balloons and candles near 10th Street and Clark Street to pay tribute to her. Raija was found to have suffered serious head injuries as well as internal injuries. This included multiple skull fractures and broken ribs.

Jayden Straight, Raija’s 17-year old father, surrendered and was charged with murder in the first degree and child endangerment leading to death. This case is now the seventh homicide in 2018. Family and friends held up signs that read “Long Live Raija” or “Justice for Raija” at the vigil. Robin Head, Raija’s grandmother and great-grandmother, and Tisha wells, her great-grandmother, both reflected on Raija’s short but impactful life.

Robin Head expressed her love for Raija and the joy she brought into her life in the eight months they spent together. She cherished the times of walking, laughing, holding her, and talking to her. She spoke of Raija’s adventurous spirit, describing how she would wander and explore, leaving her family to support her. Robin Head believes that Raija will always be there, led by a higher force.

Tisha Wells referred to Raija as “Little Ray”, and highlighted her loving and happy nature. She was characterized by her radiant smile. Raija’s great-grandmother Rhonda Anderson called for action during the vigil and encouraged everyone to stand up in Raija’s case. She stressed the importance of unwavering dedication until justice is done for the innocent child. A Go Fund Me page has been created in support of the baby’s family to receive donations.

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