Was Madeline Pantoja Body Found: Check Details Here!

Did Madeline Pantoja’s body find? Find out what happened to Madeline Pantoja, the missing Texas woman, and how she died.

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Was Madeline Pantoja Body Found?

Police report that a woman reported missing in Western Texas was found dead. Authorities discovered Madeline Pantoja’s body on Saturday. She was a 20-year old woman who had been reported missing since May 11.

Her keys, phone and car were all still at her Midland home when police first responded to the disappearance. The remains of Ms. Pantoja were found on Saturday after an investigation involving the Midland Police Department, other law enforcement agencies and the Midland Police Department.

Her remains were found approximately three miles east from the intersection of County Road 190 with County Road 116. Mario Juan Chacon Jr., a 24 year-old man was arrested by the police shortly after the discovery of Ms. Pantoja’s remains.

Chacon is being held in custody on charges of murder first degree. The Midland County Jail is holding him without bond. The police have not disclosed any further information regarding the circumstances surrounding Ms. Pantoja’s death. However, the autopsy results are expected to confirm that it was a homicide. Authorities are working to find out the truth about this tragic incident to bring justice to Madeline Pantoja.

What happened to Madeline Pantoja

Ms. Pantoja, who was in Midland with friends at the time of her disappearance, was last seen by her family and friends around 11 pm on May 10. Her family and friends could not reach her the next day, which led to a report of her being missing and a police visit at her home.

Her friends suspected that her recent ex-boyfriend was involved in her disappearance. In addition, neighbors told the police they overheard an argument between a woman and a man inside Ms. Pantoja’s home the night before she disappeared.

Police have not confirmed that Mr. Chacon Jr., the suspect arrested, is the ex-boyfriend referred to by Ms. Pantoja’s friends. The circumstances of the argument, and the arrest that followed, raise suspicions.

After her disappearance, a massive search was conducted, which involved the use of drones, as well as multiple law enforcement agencies. The pace of the search was frustrating to Ms. Pantoja’s family, despite the efforts. About 100 people protested outside the Midland Police headquarters.

They demanded justice and expressed concerns about what they believed to be a lack investigation. Midland Mayor Lori Blong responded to the criticism on Friday by stating that law enforcement agencies are working diligently, spending significant time and efforts to search for Ms. Pantoja, and gather information and proof related to her location.

The authorities are committed to solving the case and ensuring that justice is served for Ms. Pantoja, her family and friends who grieve.

Who is Madeline Pantoja’s ex-boyfriend?

Madeline Pantoja’s lifeless corpse was discovered tragically in Texas on May 20. Mario Juan Chacon (24 years old) was arrested and charged with her murder after an investigation into the death. He is being held at Midland County Jail without bond.

According to reports, Chacon is Pantoja’s ex-boyfriend and that their relationship ended before her disappearance. Pantoja, a 20-year-old woman, went missing after she was dropped off at her home at 11 pm on May 10, following dinner with a close friend.

Her family was concerned by her sudden disappearance, as she left behind her phone, car and other personal items. During the investigation by the police, neighbors shared that they heard a loud fight coming from Pantoja’s house around 1 am, just after a pickup was seen speeding toward the residence.

Law enforcement found Pantoja’s remains on Saturday morning in a rural location three miles east from County Road. Authorities continue to investigate the circumstances surrounding Madeline Pantoja’s tragic death, and Mario Juan Chacon’s arrest. They are working hard to find the truth and to bring justice to this situation.

Madeline Pantoja Update

On May 20, 2023 the City of Midland released a press statement announcing that Madeline Pantoja’s remains had been discovered. The remains of Madeline Pantoja were found by Midland law enforcement early Saturday morning, May 20th. They were located at a location about three miles east from County Road 190 and County Road 1160.

According to the press release, authorities in Dallas County are currently conducting an autopsy in order to find out more details about her death. Madeline Pantoja expressed her loneliness in a TikTok clip before her death.

Madeline wrote, “I feel lonely at times” in a TikTok posting on her account. Madeline lip-synced to an audio clip where someone begged a friend for a visit. On-screen text accompanied the video. It read: “Me, to my friends since I began living alone.” This TikTok, which was posted in November 2021 has received over 14,000 views.

Who was Madeline Pantoja?

Madeline Pantoja (21 years old) had dinner with her close friend in May 2023. Around 11pm, her friend took her to her apartment in Midland Texas.

Madeline’s family couldn’t find her the next day. Her siblings were worried and went to check on Madeline. She was not home even though her dog, car, and phone were all still there.

Police were informed by nearby residents that a loud argument was heard around 1am. Surveillance footage captured a pickup leaving her home in a hurry.

Christian, her brother, said that her sudden disappearance seemed out of character, as she loved her dog very much. Christian revealed exclusively to The U.S. Sun that she has a close bond with her dog.

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