VPN On Bare Metal Servers To Achieve Maximum Privacy

Today’s two most in-demand servers are dedicated bare metal servers and virtual private servers. However, bare metal servers are the best option when platform security is your highest priority. This is because they allow for the easy integration of Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) within the server setup. VPNs ensure the utmost privacy of all digital interactions, while the server offers superior performance.

Do you want to continue exploring the synergy between VPNs and bare metal hosting? Let’s emphasize how the VPN setup ensures maximum privacy across the dedicated servers!

What Is A Bare Metal Server? 

A bare metal server is a dedicated server with a single client. We use “bare metal” to represent the server’s physical hardware. Most bare metal servers don’t have a virtualization layer on top. Instead, they operate using their physical hardware. As a result, they are bare metal servers without any software container!

Bare Metal Hosting provides high-performance computing capabilities. Hence, it is perfect for:

➢     Big Data processing

➢     Internet of Things (IoT) sensors

➢     Rendering/3D animation companies

➢     Resource-intensive applications

Dedicated bare-metal servers allow you to upgrade your CPU and RAM depending on your power needs. Naturally, they are much faster than Virtual Private Servers!

But why is virtual private networking the ideal solution to maximize the dedi bare metal server’s security? Let’s find out!

What is a VPN? 

In straightforward terms, a VPN connects cheap bare metal servers somewhere on the internet and allows you to browse other services using the server’s internet connection. The main advantage of using VPNs with dedicated servers is you can access the server resources from a remote location while the server remains in another location.

VPNs forward all your network traffic to the virtual network and enable remote access to local network resources. These easily bypass internet censorship as you can execute server operations that you couldn’t normally.

How Do Dedicated Bare Metal Servers Protect User Privacy? 

Besides having dedicated resources, bare metal dedi servers utilize the following approaches to secure user access and protect user privacy. Let’s discuss them one by one!

#1 Use of VPNs for Bare Metal Hosting 

In the VPN world, VPN-based hosting providers use different levels of server control:

➢     Provider-owned networks

➢     Partially provider-owned networks

➢     Provider-controlled networks

➢     Partially provider-controlled networks

➢     A VPS network owned by the provider

Integrating Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) through bare metal hosting adds up to the following security advantages:

Encryption for Data Security: It adds an extra layer of network encryption. The VPN encrypts this communication when data travels between the user’s device and the bare metal server.

Anonymity and IP Masking: VPNs contribute to user privacy by masking the IP address associated with the Dedicated Server.

Bypassing Geographical Restrictions: VPNs can bypass all types of geographical restrictions. Users can access restricted content and services based on their physical location.

#2 No Logs for Absolute Privacy 

No-log VPNs allow dedicated bare metal servers to maintain a strict no-logs policy. So, the server doesn’t record user activities across any location. This policy eliminates the chances of data breaches or leakage of sensitive information. It creates a powerful privacy shield and prevents the server from logging user data. Hence, users can confidently use VPNs without the fear of being tracked or monitored.

#3 Cheap Bare Metal Servers in Ukraine 

Ukraine has emerged as a noteworthy destination for those seeking cost-effective solutions without compromising privacy. The country offers a range of cheap bare metal servers with options between Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, Windows, and more.

Leveraging these servers with a VPN provides a high level of privacy at a fraction of the cost compared to servers in other locations. It makes Ukraine an attractive option for individuals and businesses looking to maximize privacy without breaking the bank.

Conclusion: Why Choose Bare Metal Hosting? 

Combining Bare Metal Hosting with VPNs presents a formidable solution for those prioritizing online privacy. The absence of logs on bare metal servers and the anonymity provided by VPNs ensure a secure digital experience. Additionally, the affordability of bare metal servers in locations like Ukraine makes this approach accessible to a broader audience.

When achieving maximum privacy online, VPNs stand out as a compelling choice for Bare Metal/Dedicated Servers!

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