Video YouTube Julien Bert: Know About The Video Content?

Video YouTube Julien Bert: Julien Bert (a French reality TV star) and Hilona Gos (another TV personality) were recently embroiled in scandals after Gos accused Bertof domestic violence.

Fans and advocates for domestic violence prevention have been engaged in heated discussions about the situation, with each side offering their perspective. We’ll be looking at both the accusations, reactions, and reactions of each side, as well the effect the scandal had on reality TV.

Video YouTube Julien Bert : Julien Bert Snap

Julien Bert and Hilona Gos, French reality TV stars, made headlines in February 2023 when Gos claimed Bert had committed domestic violence. The video was posted on TikTok . Gos reminisces in the video about incidents when Bert allegedly hit her, choked her, and threatened to kill their relationship.

Bert refuted the allegations and posted his own video in which he claimed that Gos had also hit him. Fans of the couple and advocates for domestic violence prevention have been heatedly discussing the scandal. This is what we know so far about the situation.

Reponse Julien Bert:

Bert posted a YouTube video entitled “Je reponds aux accusations de’Hilona” in response to Gos’ allegations.

Bert also accused Gos of cheating and used the allegations to get attention. Bert’s video received mixed reactions, with many viewers defending him and others calling on him to take full responsibility.

Julien Bert Reaction Video Hilona:

Bert is seen expressing emotion in a Snapchat video discussing Gos’ claims. Bert claims Gos is lying to him and trying to ruin the reputation of his company. He also expresses frustration at being accused of victim-blaming and can’t defend himself. Bert says that he’s been supported by some of his fans and friends, but that the accusations have had a negative impact on his mental health.

Hilona Goes’ Video accusing Julien Bert Domestic Violence:

Gos’ original video describes instances where Bert allegedly hit and choked her during their relationship. She claims that Bert threatened her and she made it difficult for her to speak up sooner, but she is now ready to help other women facing similar circumstances. Gos’ video received a lot of attention and has led to a discussion about domestic violence in reality TV.

Hilona Gos Video:

Bert posted several videos to his Snapchat account in response to Gos’s video. He defends himself against these allegations. Gos claims he is lying, and he has the evidence to support it. But Bert doesn’t want it to be shared publicly as he doesn’t want to “expose Gos.” Bert accuses Gos also of using their relationship to gain fame, and says he is looking into legal action against her.


  • Julien Bert: Who are you?

Julien Bert, a French reality television star, rose to fame through shows like “Les Marseillais”, and “La Villa des Coeurs Brises.”

  • Who is Hilona Gos, and why are they so special?

Hilona Gos, a French reality television star, also appears on “Les Marseillais”, and “La Villa des Coeurs Brises.”

  • What are the accusations against Julien Bert

Hilona Gos, a French reality television star, also appears on “Les Marseillais”, and “La Villa des Coeurs Brises.”

  • Julien Bert’s response?

Julien Bert refutes the allegations and claims Gos initiated the physical altercations. He accuses Gos also of cheating and uses the allegations to get attention.

  • What’s the reaction of advocates and fans?

Fans of Bert and his wife, as well advocates for domestic violence prevention, have been heatedly arguing about the situation. Some people have defended Bert while others called for him take responsibility and seek help.

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