Vicky Phelan Cervical Cancer Scandal Know Causes Of Death

The Vicky Phelan Cervical cancer Scandal post can give all the small print on Vicky’s malady.

Are you Vicky Phelan’s friend? Did you hear concerning Vicky Phelan’s death? Vicky Phelan, a 48-year-old professional person, had simply breathed her last. folks from Canada, Ireland, America, the uk and also the us square measure paying their respects to Vicky Phelan. you’ll be able to browse the complete Vicky Phelan Cervical cancer Scandal post here.

Vicky Phelan Causes of Death: however did she die

Vicky Phelan, AN Irish professional person, died simply some days past. consistent with reports Vicky Phelan died on fourteenth Nov 2022 at Milford hospice in County Limerick. She was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2014. The cervical screening results came back negative. Vicky wasn’t hip of this for 3 years. Vicky was diagnosed with end-stage cancer in 2017.

Vicky then sued Clinical Pathology Laboratory, the corporate that had performed her take a look at. Vicky Phelan Cervical Cancer Scandal was won and he or she received two.5 million euros as a settlement. She discovered that just about 208 ladies got incorrect Papanicolaou test results for cervical cancer. twenty one folks died as a result.

Vicky Phelan obit. died. Funeral:

Vicky’s family was there to support her at the time of Vicky’s death. Michael D. Higgins (the president of Ireland) additionally spoke get into support of Vicky’s passing and explicit  that her efforts had saved many ladies. many of us are posting kind words on social media concerning Vicky Phelan Cervical Cancer Scanal. Details of her ceremonial occasion and burial square measure still unknown.

Was Vicky Phelan married?

Vicky Phelan was married to Jim Phelan. Darragh and congenital disorder were her 2 kids.

Vicky Phelan life history, and more:

  • Victoria Kelly Phelan is real
  • Nickname Vicky Phelan
  • Date of birth twenty eight Gregorian calendar month 1974
  • Date of death fourteenth Nov 2022
  • Cause of death Cervical cancer
  • Age 48
  • Profession: professional person and author
  • Zodiac sign Scorpio
  • Mooncoin, County Kilkenny in eire, is that the birthplace
  • Irish status
  • Marital Status Married
  • Spouse Jim Phelan
  • Children 2

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The Vicky Phelan Cervical cancer Scandal has been microorganism recently. Vicky Phelan has been praised by many of us on social media.

Last words

We can summarize the post by oral communication that Vicky was a rare one that contributed such a lot to our country. it’s terribly tragic and unhappy that Vicky, such a sort soul, had to expire therefore quickly. Visit this page for additional data concerning Vicky

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