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In this blog post about the Top Gun box office Maverick , We have informed our readers about the film’s rating as well as its box office earnings.

Have you heard of the film that made an impact on the screen? Top Gun Maverick, a Hollywood film is currently enjoying an enormous amount of popularity on an worldwide scale. Top Gun Maverick is generating an abundance of buzz on social media today after breaking an unbroken record until now.

Read the article about Top Gun Box Office Maverick to know more about the record-breaking box office movie Top Gun Maverick and its daily box office. Let’s get moving.

the Top Gun’s box Office collection

Joseph Kosinski’s Top Gun Maverick remains an absolute smash. The fourth weekend of Friday-Sunday, Top Gun Maverick grossed another $44 million. This brought the total for Juneteenth weekend up to $52 million. In just 25 days it had racked up a domestic sum of 473 million. The total box office record stands at $885.2 million. After inflation, this is Tom Cruise’s highest-grossing movie in the US.

After two years of limited Hollywood releases due to the outbreak The Top Gun Maverick Revenue shows that filmgoers are eager to go back to the theaters.

The plot from Top Gun Maverick

Pete Maverick Mitchell is returned to the place he started over 30 years ago, as one the most famous Navy pilots, pushing the limits, and as an inexperienced test pilot and trying to avoid promotion in his job which would put him on the cutting board. Maverick has to face the darkest monsters from his past and his most traumatic nightmares while training an entire group of graduates for an unimaginable mission. The mission is concluded with the need for those who decide to take on it to pay the ultimate price.

How Did Top Gun Maverick Do at the Box Office

Let’s now talk about Top Gun Maverick’s position on the top rating platforms such as IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes, and more.

The IMDB rating for Top Gun Maverick is 8.6 out of 10. It has 2.3k reviewers. Also, the film’s Meta score is 78 percent.

Top Gun Maverick gained a fresh tomatoes score of 97 percent with 409 reviews from users. Its Auditor Score is 99 percent, and has more than 25,000 verified reviews.

On BookMyShow the film has 92% of reviews and 1009 user reviews.

Top Gun Maverick Star Cast

In this blog post about Top Shot Box Office Maverick, the star names for the cast are based off of Wikipedia data.

The main cast of this film includes The film’s Captain Pete “Maverick” Mitchell -Tom Cruise and the Lt. Bradley “Rooster” Bradshaw Miles Penelope “Penny” Benjamin -Jennifer Connelly, Vice Admiral John Hamm and Lieutenant. Jake “Hangman” -Glen the list goes on.


In conclusion In this write-up, we inform our readers about the film’s realistic box-office performance, as well as the film’s usual box office haul review, plot and even the name of the cast member. Check out this page for more information about the movie.

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