Tom Sizemore Death or Alive: Read More Here!

Tom Sizemore Death or Alive

Tom Sizemore, Death or Alive Net Worth: Tom Sizemore is an American actor well-known for his contributions to Hollywood over the past three decades. Sizemore has been in many films and TV shows including “Saving Private Ryan,” Black Hawk Down, and “Heat.” He also has had legal and personal issues throughout his career. He was diagnosed with a brain aneurysm in February 2023 and is currently in critical condition. We will be discussing his professional and personal life, as well as his net worth and providing updates on his health.

Tom Sizemore Died or Is Alive? Latest Update on Actor’s Medical Status

After suffering a brain aneurysm, Tom Sizemore, a well known actor in Hollywood is currently in critical condition. On February 16, 2023, he collapsed and was taken immediately to Burbank, California. He is currently in an intensive care coma. His family and representatives are currently trying to decide the best way forward for his end of life care.

Tom Sizemore Wife – Marriage and Relationships

Tom Sizemore has been married three more times. His first marriage was to Maeve Quinlan (which lasted from 1996 until 1999). In 2002, he married Janelle McIntire. They divorced in 2003. Sizemore was married to Jennifer Blanc in 2017.

Tom Sizemore Children, Family and Personal Life

Tom Sizemore is the father of two children. Jagger, his son, was born in 1991 from an earlier relationship with actress Heidi Fleiss. Rowan was also born to him and his ex-girlfriend Janelle MacIntire in 2005.

Tom Sizemore Net worth: Career and Financial Status

Tom Sizemore is an actor who has enjoyed a long and successful career. He was a star in movies like “Saving Private Ryan,” Black Hawk Down, and “Heat”. His net worth as of February 2023 is $3 million. This could change due to his recent health problems.

Tom Sizemore: Age: Early Life, Career Beginnings

Tom Sizemore was born in Detroit, Michigan, on 29 November 1961. His acting career began in the 1980s with small roles on TV and films. His role in “Point Break”, a 1991 film, earned him recognition. This led to other important roles over the years.


  • What was Tom Sizemore’s most recognizable role?

Tom Sizemore is most well-known for his role in “Saving Private Ryan” (1998).

  • Is Tom Sizemore currently facing legal problems?

Yes, Tom Sizemore has been charged with domestic and drug violence.

  • Is Tom Sizemore still acting in any way?

Tom Sizemore is no longer appearing in recent TV or film films as of February 2023.

  • How long was Tom Sizemore married Jennifer Blanc?

Tom Sizemore and Jennifer Blanc were married in 2017 and have been together for six years.

  • What caused Tom Sizemore’s brain injury?

It is unknown what caused Tom Sizemore’s brain aneurysm.



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