Tim Tszyu Wife: Know About Her Wife?

Tim Tszyu’s Wife: Tim Tszyu is the son of former boxing champion Kostya Tszyu and is one of Australia’s most popular boxers. He is a national hero thanks to his 20 wins in 20 bouts.

But his success in the ring may not be the only thing people are interested. Media and fans alike are interested in his personal life, including his relationship status. We will be discussing Tim Tszyu’s girlfriend, wife, and partner in this article.

Tim Tszyu Girlfriend: Alexandra Constantine

Alexandra Constantine, Tim Tszyu’s girlfriend and current partner, is Alexandra Constantine. She graduated in finance and works in finance. They met in 2020 and have been together ever since. Tim Tszyu stated that Alexandra is his rock in a News.com.au interview. He feels blessed to have her in the family.

How Tim Tszyu fell for Alexandra Constantine

Tim Tszyu, a News.com.au interviewee, said that Alexandra was his favorite person. He shared that he admires Alexandra’s work ethic and that they share a lot of common interests, such as their passion for adventure and traveling. He said that Alexandra was the right one for him after seeing how she took care of his family.

Tim Tszyu’s Wife: Is He Married?

Tim Tszyu, contrary to popular belief, is not married. Although he is currently in a serious relationship, Alexandra Constantine has not yet married him.

Tim Tszyu Partner: With Whom Else Has He dated?

Tim Tszyu was previously rumored to have been dating Millie Boyle before Alexandra. Millie Boyle, a rugby league player currently plays for St. George Illawarra Dragons. But, they split up after Tim met Alexandra.

Tim Tszyu & Alexandra Constantine: A match made in heaven

Alexandra Constantine and Tim Tszyu seem like a great match. Both have successful careers and share a love for adventure and traveling. They have each other’s backs and support one another through thick and thin. Media and fans alike want to see this couple together and are rooting for them.

Commonly Asked Questions:

  • Who is Tim Tszyu’s girlfriend?

Alexandra Constantine is Tim Tszyu’s girlfriend. She is a finance graduate who is also a working professional.

  • How did Alexandra Constantine and Tim Tszyu meet?

Alexandra Constantine and Tim Tszyu met early.

  • Is Tim Tszyu married?

Tim Tszyu has not been married.

  • Who is Tim Tszyu’s other date?

According to reports, Tim Tszyu was dating Millie Boyle, a rugby league player before Alexandra.

  • What is Tim Tszyu’s favorite thing about Alexandra Constantine

Tim Tszyu is a big fan of Alexandra’s intelligence and sense of humor. He admires her kindness towards his family.

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