The Best 7 Weed TikTok Accounts

Are you looking for weed TikTok accounts to boost your knowledge of the good herb? In 2022, social media platforms still aren’t free of censorship and moderation, so this may prove somewhat challenging.

Luckily, you’ve come to the right place. These seven TikTok accounts offer everything from growing cannabis seeds to stoner-specific humor. We’ll also show you how to discover more content by tweaking the algorithm to display relevant videos on your For You Page (FYP).

Ready to become a TikTok weed expert? Let’s dive in.

How to Personalize Your TikTok Algorithm

Like most social media sites, TikTok has a special algorithm that shows you content tailored to what you enjoy. If you like, comment, or share a post, chances are you’ll start seeing similar ones in your feed.

Social media marketing is vital for finding the right audience, as nobody wants to see irrelevant posts on their FYP. Here are some tips to help you reach the 420-friendly side of TikTok:

  • Use relevant hashtags: Smoking on TikTok is prohibited, and the app flags anything to do with violence, drugs, or underage activities. Search words like “marijuana,” “cannabis,” and “weed” will give you zero results.

Search for the content you want using these hashtags instead:

  • #420
  • #st0nertikt0k
  • #w33d
  • #ouid
  • #st0netok
  • #hitsblunt
  • Like related videos: TikTok automatically shows you similar posts when you like videos with weed-related content.
  • Follow the right accounts: If you notice 420 videos popping up, click the follow button. Not only do you see more of that user’s content, but you also start getting similar posts.

Look out for related emojis and signs: Since TikTok blocks certain words and symbols, users must get creative with their language. Get to know the platform’s lingo and see what words or emojis other weed accounts use. If you start using the same terminology, the algorithm will show you the videos you want to see.

Now that you’ve tweaked your FYP, let’s explore seven of the best marijuana accounts on TikTok.

1. Cheech and Chong (@cheechandchong)

That’s right; Cheech and Chong, the world’s favorite stoner duo, have their own TikTok 420 account. Find them sharing their classic humor, taking you down memory lane, and hanging out with other stars.

Cheech and Chong show you that you can still have fun in your golden years. They hop on some of the most popular TikTok trends and bring their own brand of humor. Hear them share stories from the good old days, give viewers weed tips, and make fun of each other.

2. She Smokes Joints (@shesmokesjoints)

After rising to fame on Instagram, the user known as “Courtney” moved over to TikTok. Her content ranges from fun stories about her life and words of weed wisdom to marijuana humor and fashion.

After ordering from one of the best seed banks in the United States, enjoy the relatable, fun content on Courtney’s account. She shares her passion for nature, delves into deep conversations about life, and takes viewers on extraordinary journeys.

3. Codi Peterson (@cannapharmd)

Codi Peterson is the account to follow if you’re in the mood for educational weed videos. He specializes in medical cannabis with a Master of Science degree and is a pharmacist! That’s enough to guarantee he knows what he’s talking about.

His videos are fun, light-hearted, and teach more about weed than you’ll ever learn in college. His content covers cannabinoids, edibles, metabolism, and decarboxylation. He also shares valuable tips and information to make you a 420 expert among your friends.

4. Dache (Day) Oquenda (@indohgoddess)

This stoner TikTok account is for the canna-moms and weed-friendly parents. Day shares plenty of relatable content as a 420 mama herself and brings viewers stoner humor at its best.

Her skits cover topics like pregnancy, smoke breaks as a parent, or dealing with stress by lighting up a blunt. The account isn’t just for mothers, though, as it has plenty of content almost every stoner can relate to.

5. Syd (@shadesofsyd)

Shades of Syd offers viewers “peace and blessings” when you come across her account. She talks about inner healing, spirituality, CBD products, and the many benefits of cannabis.

Syd also promotes her own cannabidiol-infused lip gloss on the channel and offers advice on fashion and beauty. Her page is filled with good vibes, insights, reviews, and plenty of stoner humor and relatable content.

6. Kadija (@sativadiva1997)

This account is for fashion lovers. Sativa Diva stays true to her name by offering plenty of cannabis content, but she loves sharing clothing advice too.

Find outfit ideas, makeup options, and plenty of stoner humor in her “Baked Takes” videos. In these short skits, she smokes weed and offers her unique views on various topics.

Kadija is in her early 20s but has already made a name for herself. She’s got over 500,000 followers on TikTok and has established herself as a cannabis fashion icon on social media.

7. Chris Udalla (@chrisudalla)

One of the most popular weed TikTok accounts is Chris Udalla. His videos are educational, engaging, funny, and relatable. He has Twitch and YouTube pages too, so video gamers who enjoy smoking weed love his content.

Chris often talks about cannabis and the best products, including papers, ashtrays, and rolling trays. Some videos also teach you how to create perfect blunts and choose between different methods of consuming cannabis.

Know any other marijuana TikTok accounts? Let us know in the comment box below!

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