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Tenfendy Review can help verify the authenticity of this site which claims to sell clothing for women.

Are you searching for cool clothes from tenfendy.com? If yes, then you need to wait and read our reviews about tenfendy.com first.

Tenfendy is now a well-known website within the United States, and many want to know more about the site. Many believe that this site is a fraud, while some want to buy items from it. But don’t worry. We’ll explain all you must be aware of about this site in our reviews, as scams on the internet are all too common nowadays and we do not want you to spend your money on them.

Review Tenfendy reviews below to find out everything you need to know about this site.

What is Tenfendy.com?

It’s an online e-commerce site that offers a broad assortment of women’s clothing. It ships globally. They offer a two-piece set that includes a Halloween costume pants and shoes, hoodies, sweatshirts and long sleeves with animal prints, an outfit with a print and a mini dress, an outfit for a jumper and many more items. They claim to offer assistance to hundreds of women around the globe. They are well-known since they are committed to providing the highest quality services to their clients. Their aim is to make their product all over the world.

If you are planning to purchase items on this website We suggest you read the  Is Tenfendy Legit  section.

What is the requirements of Tenfendy Com?

  • Website link – https://www.tenfendy.com/
  • Products – They have an extensive selection of clothing for women.
  • Domain Age – Less Than 1 Year
  • Company Address – Signature 15 St Helen Palace London
  • Contact number – No data accessible.
  • E-mail address: 4f******3bb@d***2.com
  • Newsletter – No data accessible.
  • Social Media Icons – Yes, It’s Accessible.
  • Shipping Cost – Free shipping for orders over $39.
  • Delivery Time – No data accessible.
  • Refund Policy – No data accessible.
  • Exchange Policy – No data accessible.
  • Return Policy – No data accessible.
  • Payment Modes – Visa, Master Card, Discover and PayPal.

Read Tenfendy reviews to understand the advantages and disadvantages of shopping at tenfendy.com.

What’s the benefits of buying at tenfendy.com?

  • They offer a variety of feminine clothing.
  • The general trend to be secured.
  • The products on our website are moderately priced.
  • The social media links are on the website.

What’s the negatives of buying on tenfendy.com?

  • The information on delivery for products is not accessible on Tenfendy.
  • The owner’s details are not available.
  • Many scam sites have already implemented an interface for users.
  • The policy on tenfendy isn’t available on the website.

Is Tenfendy Legit?

We all know that online shopping is a common practice nowadays. However, we should be cautious when buying from unknown stores since we aren’t familiar with them and they may be scam stores. There are a few things to consider when shopping on the internet.

  • The domain’s date of birth is valid until 20/02/2022.
  • The expiration date of the domain is valid until 20 February 2023.
  • Alexa Rank Alexa Rank – The Alexa rank for tenfendy’s website is 8066317 worldwide and this site isn’t very well-known.
  • High Quality Content – The information that is available on the site is already being used by a number of websites.
  • Customer Reviews Customer Reviews Tenfendy reviews aren’t accessible on tenfendy.com.
  • Trust score: Trust Score of Tenfendy is one percent which is a shambles trust index.
  • Social Media Links – The social media links are listed on the website , but are is not accessible.
  • Policies – The policy of the website isn’t accessible on tenfendy.com This is why the this policy is vital for every website.
  • Index Rank – The Index rank of tenfendy.com is not visible through Scam Detector.
  • Unrealistic Discounts: They are not offering any significant discounts on their website.
  • Address Origin – The address listed on the site isn’t accurate, and many websites have the same address.

Customer’s Tenfendy Reviews

We looked for reviews across all platforms , but we could not find any customer reviews. There aren’t any reviews from customers on the site tenfendy.com. Reviews from customers are crucial for any website.

Learn how to Request a PayPal Refund through this.

The Bottom Line

Tenfendy.com is, as per our research is an online store that claims to sell large selection of women’s clothes. However, the website is not reliable because a lot of crucial details are missing which suggests it is a scam. tenfendy.com is a fraud. All the important details are listed within our Tenfendy Review.

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