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What will you do when you receive an unexpected gift? Have you ever had the chance to experience It’s all in this article. Every single person in the world hates surprises. is a website on which you can win a surprise box by taking questions. It is available when you sign up to the website for $39.99.

Check out this article on Reviewto verify the legitimacy of the website before you make any payment.

Reviews of websites on

There were a few comments and reviews on on various platforms. One of the users claimed that the website had charged his $99.99 over three months with his approval and did not return the money or address his complaints.

A majority of reviews suggest that the site is fraudulent and can deceive you by taking funds from your bank, without any concern to the fact that you. Reading the reviews from customers it is important to not fall into this scam and be wary of providing bank account details.

Is Legit? offers a month-long subscription program for customers in which you can participate in games and win boxes of surprises. The site claims to offer products that are brand-named based on the choices of the participants prior to the event. The items inside the package are likely to be shocking since they do not reveal what’s in it.

Specifications of the site

  • Registration: The website is registered via, LLC.
  • Website Registration The Website was registered the 20th of April, 1999.
  • Website expiration date: The website will expire on April 19, 2023.
  • Trust Index: The website been rated 86% on the index of trust.
  • Security of data: Valid secure connection.

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You must always verify the authenticity prior to deciding on the authenticity of the site. is among the websites that can make you want to test it once and test your luck. However, before you test your luck by subscribing the site, make sure to read the reviews of customers we’ve listed earlier.

The site also featured fake reviews in order to get you to fall for it. For instance one review claims that the customer only paid $39.99 and was given an iPad. The website, however, has implemented connection to ensure the security of data submitted by users. However, that isn’t enough to answer the question is legit or not? Find out how to protect yourself from PayPal scams using the link below .

Final Verdict

Summarizing, claims to deliver packages of surprise to your door which include costly items with a brand name for only $39.99. We’ve also included all the reviews and information on which can aid you in determining the site’s credibility. Based on our investigation this website is a fraud and not trustworthy therefore, don’t be fooled by it.

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