Ryan Siew Passed Away: What Happened To Ryan Siew?

Ryan Siew Has Passed: After a battle with a “brain fog”, the Australian metalcore band “Polaris” guitarist Ryan Siew died on June 19, 2023 at age 26.

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Ryan Siew Has Passed Away

Ryan Siew has tragically died at age 26. He was a talented guitarist in the Australian metalcore band Polaris. The band, well-known for its introspective explorations of themes such as depression and loss, announced Siew’s premature death on social media. The cause of his death has not yet been disclosed.

In an emotional Instagram post, members of Polaris expressed their grief and their connection to Siew. He was described as a funny, kind-hearted individual with a lot of courage and creativity. Siew was praised for his exceptional guitar talent, and also for his love of beauty and art.

In January, Siew informed his Instagram followers of his decision to quit taking antidepressants. He also spoke about his commitment to growth. The circumstances of his hospitalization, and eventual death remain unknown.

Polaris had to make the difficult decision, following Siew’s death, to cancel their summer European tour due to an important personal crisis in their family. In a statement, Polaris emphasized Siew’s love for his family and acknowledged the profound effect he had on many people. Siew’s loss has left a void that cannot be filled by anyone.

Polaris’ debut album “The Mortal Coil” was released in November 2017. It earned them a nomination at the ARIA Awards for Best Hard Rock the following year. The album “The Death of Me”, released in February 2020 further cemented their reputation. The band will release its new album “Fatalism” on September 1.

Ryan Siew’s death has devastated the band, and its fans. They reflect on the fond memories and indelible impression he left during his time at Polaris. His presence and talent will be greatly missed. His legacy will continue to resonate in the music industry and beyond.

What happened to Ryan Siew

Details surrounding Ryan Siew’s death have not been revealed. Polaris released a statement on Instagram announcing his death, but they did not give any information about the cause. Fans and the music industry were shocked by Siew’s death. He was a talented and young guitarist who had been a part of Polaris.

In January, Siew shared a picture on Instagram of him lying in a hospital. He said that he no longer took antidepressants, and his mental and physical health was improving. It is not clear whether Siew’s hospitalization or death are directly linked to his health issues.

The decision of the band to cancel its remaining European summer tour due to “a serious crisis in our family”, indicates that Siew’s death had a profound effect on his bandmates, and their families. Siew was described as kind, funny, brave and talented by his bandmates and loved ones. Ryan Siew’s death has left a hole in the hearts of all who knew him. This includes his bandmates, fans, and friends. The statement from the band conveys his profound impact on them and the legacy he left behind.

How did Polaris guitarist Ryan Siew die?

Ryan Siew, guitarist of Australian metalcore group Polaris, died at age 26. The band revealed the sad news and announced that they were canceling their summer tours. Siew died Monday, June 19, according to a post on Instagram by his bandmates. Siew was described as their brother, best pal, and artistic soulmate by his bandmates in an Instagram post.

They shared their heartfelt sentiments for Siew. They highlighted his kindness, cleverness and humor, as well as his bravery and extraordinary talent. The band members emphasized his profound impact on their lives over the course of their ten-year journey. Polaris is a band from Sydney, New South Wales. It consists of Jamie Hails as vocalist, Jake Steinhauser on bass and clean vocals, Daniel Furnari on drums, and Ryan Siew, who died in 2013. Polaris’ music has been praised, including their 2020 album “Death Of Me”. The decision of the band to cancel its upcoming tour shows the emotional impact that Siew’s death has had on the band as well as their family.

The death of Ryan Siew has been a sad day for metalcore fans. Social media was flooded with condolences and tributes as people expressed their admiration for Siew’s talents and contributions to metalcore. Losing a promising and young musician leaves a huge void in music. His memory will be treasured by all who knew him and admired his work.

Ryan Siew Dead At 26

Ryan Siew was the talented guitarist of the Australian metalcore band Polaris. He tragically died at the young age of 26. The band released the news via an Instagram post on Tuesday. They did not give any details about the cause of death.

The remaining members of Polaris – Jamie Hails (Rick Schneider), Jake Steinhauser (Jake Steinhauser) and Daniel Furnari – expressed their sorrow at the loss of their friend and soulmate. Siew was described as talented, kindhearted, funny, intelligent, brave and clever by the remaining members of Polaris. The band highlighted the profound impact Siew made on their lives over the ten years that they spent together.

According to Loudwire, Siew died on Monday, 19th June. The unfortunate incident occurred only a few short months after the musician shared an Instagram picture of himself in hospital bed, showing his journey to better mental health.

Polaris announced last week that they had canceled the rest of their European Summer Tour due to a personal crisis within their family. In their statement the band expressed its gratitude for Siew’s love for his fans, and acknowledged the deep affection he felt for them.

Social media was flooded with tributes to Ryan Siew following his death. His guitar skills were praised by fans, who regarded him among the best metalcore guitarists of today. Ryan O’Leary, from Fit For a King shared his condolences with Siew’s family, friends and bandmates.

Polaris’ debut album “The Mortal Coil” was released in 2017. The following year, they were nominated for the Australian Recording Industry Association Music Awards as the Best Hard Rock Album. In 2020, they released their second album “The Death of Me” and continued to enjoy success.

Polaris is known for its clean, modern metalcore. They are popular on the underground music scene. The music of Polaris combines elements from heavy metal with hardcore punk. It also features pulsing rhythmic breakdowns, which define the genre. Ryan Siew’s death is a great loss for the music industry. He will be remembered as a talented musician and his contributions to Polaris. His memory will live forever in the hearts and minds of his bandmates as well as friends, family members, and fans.

How did Polaris guitarist Ryan die?

Polaris and the members of the band have not disclosed any details about Ryan Siew’s cause of death. Polaris did not give any information about the cause or circumstances of Ryan Siew’s death in their statement. The sudden loss of Siew, a talented young guitarist who had made significant contributions to Polaris, deeply affected fans and the entire music community.

In January, Siew uploaded a photo to Instagram from his hospital bed. He mentioned that he had stopped taking antidepressants, and expressed improvements in both his mental and physical health. It is not clear whether Siew’s hospitalization and death are related to his health issues.

The decision of the band to cancel its remaining European summer tour due to “a serious crisis in our family”, shows how deeply Siew’s death has affected his bandmates and loved ones. Siew was described as kindhearted and funny by his bandmates, who also praised him for being brave. Ryan Siew’s death has left a hole in the hearts of all who knew him. This includes his bandmates, fans, and friends. The statement from the band reflects his impact on their lives, and the legacy he has left behind.

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