RSS To Blog Pro – A Six-Month Review

Websites with relevant like woo casino mobile, regularly updated content are highly sought after by search engines. Search engines might rank websites that are static and do not have regular updates as they seek to deliver the most relevant search results.

What is it?

RSS to Blog Pro automates blog posting and allows for self-updating websites. It is a PHP script that can be installed on one web hosting account. Multiple blogs can be managed with fresh content from different sources by using this central installation. An earlier version of the software is also available, but it requires a separate installation for each blog.

What problem does it solve?

It can be time-consuming to add new, and more importantly, relevant content to websites. You can either spend your time creating and finding new content or hire someone to do it. Your website can look stale and fall off search engine radars if it doesn’t have fresh content. This can negatively impact the search engine results page rankings and, ultimately, any free traffic from search engines. This can lead to the downfall of websites that rely on search engine traffic.

What are the Benefits of Using a Laser?

RSS to Blog Pro solves the problem of regularly updating website content. It automates the entire process, from searching for relevant content using keywords to publishing content to your blog. Search engines don’t consider updating websites with irrelevant content to be as valuable as those with relevant content. Your chances of ranking higher are greater if your niche is narrower than other websites. Website content that is scattered can lead to you competing with sites in many niches.

You’ll be able to earn AdSense income by building content websites. AdSense ads will depend on the content of your pages. Inadequate content will result in ads that aren’t relevant to your visitors. This means they won’t click on them, and your income generated will be low.


  • Supports many blog types, including WordPress, Blogger Blogs and Type Pad.
  • You can specify keywords and RSS feeds to automate content generation, or you can provide your own content.
  • You can schedule posts to your blogs at random intervals, e.g. Posting to your blogs can be scheduled at random intervals, e.g. once or twice per day. This will make posting seem natural.
  • The content is not identified as automatically generated by ‘footprints’.
  • Log records are kept to allow you to see exactly what was posted and where it was.
  • Built-in ping functionality to blog and ping.
  • One installation can post to unlimited blogs.
  • Receive regular updates
  • User support forum.
  • Two-tier affiliate program with 40% commission for the highest level and 10% for all sales made by affiliates you recruit.

My Experience with RSS to Blog Pro

RSS to Blog Pro has been a tool I have used on a growing number of blogs across various niches since August 2005. It’s gratifying to report that AdSense has helped me increase my monthly income. The software is installed on my virtual private servers (VPS). I manage approximately 50 blogs and post new content every other day. You should not install RSS to Blog Pro on a shared server. If you are updating many websites or running the script often (every few minutes), then your host will likely have a negative view. A VPS is much cheaper and more reliable than a shared server, so there is no reason to risk it. A VPS is like having a server all to yourself. You can’t harm them or they can’t harm you. Disk IO is an exception, but it shouldn’t be a concern.

Relevancy is what will make the difference between an efficient auto-content generator tool and one that won’t do any good for your bottom line. It is important to stress that search engines can’t categorize your niche or rank you fairly among your peers without relevant content. This means that you won’t rank well in search results for your niche. This could also mean that your website may display ads for dog-care equipment, even though your niche is tennis equipment. Because it isn’t something they need at the time, visitors looking for information on dog care will not be interested in tennis equipment.

This helps websites look fresh. My website stats show that there is a steady stream of visitors to my blog pages every month. Targeted visitors and targeted content equal a lot more clicks on targeted ads.

Michelle, the creator of RSS to Blog Pro, has responded promptly to my emails and there is a forum for peer support. Michelle visits the forum to offer assistance, although it can take some time for a reply to all queries. However, the software, user base, and support forum are mature enough to handle almost any common question that a new user may have.

The software is simple to install and configure so you can expect to have it running in no time.

The ability to ping blogs from RSS to Blog Pro is one feature I have yet to use. This is because if I pinged these websites for every post to my blogs, I would end up pinging 50 times per day from the same domain (the one where RSS to Blog Pro is installed). Instead of being banned for excessive pinging and hogging resources, I use the WordPress ping facility to ping each domain. This will look a lot more natural, and it will also help RSS to Blog Pro work more efficiently by decoupling some work.


RSS to Blog Pro’s performance has been satisfactory for 6 months. I would recommend RSS to Blog Pro to anyone looking to create self-updating websites that bring in targeted traffic. Although it is important to choose a host that will allow the script to run, once the script has been installed, it is easy and reliable. This script is a great tool for both AdSense users and affiliate marketers.

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