Roxy Delevin Boyfriend: Who Is James Deakin’s Wife?

Roxy Delevin Boyfriend

James Deakin, a well-known Filipino motoring journalist who also serves as a TV host and is known for his passion about cars. His popularity is widespread in the Philippines, and he has been a household name for many years. Roxy Delevin, a model and fashion blogger who has established herself as an industry leader, is the opposite. Her social media following is large and she is very popular. We will be looking at James Deakin’s and Roxy Delevin’s relationship in this article.

James Deakin is a familiar face in Philippine television. He is a motoring journalist with an adventurous spirit and a heart full of gold. James Deakin’s story, however, is anything but ordinary. We are particularly interested in his latest chapter. James Deakin’s story of finding love at 50 is a tale about perseverance, hope, and resilience.

Who is James Deakin’s wife?

James Deakin married Shelly. They have been married for many years and their marriage was happy until 2018. Shelly and James are proud parents of their children. They often post pictures of their family on social media.

James, who had been married for more than two decades, faced a separation in 2018. However, it wasn’t until 2022 when he made it public. He was able to take the time and space he needed to handle the situation privately thanks to the pandemic. He was eager to move on when he was ready.

Roxy Delevin is a woman who won James’ heart in 2021. Although they had met online, it was only after a Dubai content creators conference that they actually met in person. They were instantly attracted to each other and became official instagram users in 2023.

Roxy Delevin:

Roxy Delevin, a well-known model who is also a fashion influencer and has a large following on social media. Her fashion sense and ability to create stunning outfits are what make her a popular model. Roxy is well-known for her love of travel and often posts pictures from her trips on her social media platforms. Roxanne Joyce Mendoza Gungon is her real name.

Roxy Delevin Age

Roxy Delevin, a well-known model and influencer in fashion, is Roxy Delevin. Although her exact date of birth is unknown, it can be determined from her social media posts. Roxy often shares updates and pictures with her Instagram followers. It is believed that Roxy was born in the early 1990s. This would make Roxy around 30 years old by 2023. We know she is a vicenarian.

Roxy is a well-known Instagram figure, gaining a large following because of her beautiful looks and fashionable style. She posts photos of herself in various outfits and fashion pieces, showing off her beauty and style to her fans.

Roxy’s age is not a subject of much discussion. She has also never disclosed her exact date of birth. It is evident that Roxy is young and vibrant, with a passion for fashion and great taste in style, as evidenced by her Instagram posts. As she continues to share captivating content and interact on social media with her followers, her popularity will only grow.

Is James Deakin dating Roxy Delevin

Roxy, James’ younger sister, is a woman who has substance and has a lot of life experience to offer. James was drawn to Roxy’s positive energy, adventurous spirit and passion for life. Their age differences have never been an issue. They are two adults who have reached adulthood and know exactly what they want.

James’s past marriage was a learning opportunity, which has helped him in his current relationship. He is more confident in himself and feels at ease with Roxy. Their relationship is made more special by their new found sense of self.

James takes the future one day at a while. He is excited for what lies ahead and grateful for the support and love of his family, friends and fans. His story is inspiring and he’s happier than ever.

James Deakin’s story is a testimony to the truth that it’s never too late for love to be found again and to start over. As they begin this exciting new chapter of their lives, we wish Roxy and him all the best.


  • Who is James Deakin’s wife?

James Deakin was married with Shelly. She seems to be currently in a relationship with Roxy.

  • Roxy Delevin is how old?

Roxy Delevin’s age is not publically disclosed. She seems to be a vicenarian. She takes good care of her body.

  • Is James Deakin dating Roxy Delevin?

According to some sources, yes James Deakin is actually dating Roxy Delevin.

  • What is Roxy Delevin’s occupation?

Roxy Delevin, a model and fashion blogger.

  • Roxy Delevin can be found on social media at

Roxy Delevin is available on Instagram under @roxydelevin



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