Percival Mabasa Biography Get most recent information?

Percival Mabasa Biography

In the Percival Mabasa’s Biography of Percival Mabasa We will go through his Wikipedia and learn more about him and find out the reasons for his death.

Are you aware of the name of who Percy Lapid was? Have you heard of the death of Percy Lapid? Have you figured out the reason the man was killed? Are you aware of the details of his Wikipedia biography?

A large portion of the Philippines protested against the murder by the broadcaster. The family of the deceased also issued a statement calling for justice for Lapid. The investigation continues and the person responsible for the murder is still to be determined. We have covered everything that is about his death in our poston Percival Mabasa’s Biography .

What’s the most recent information?

On Monday, at approximately 8:15 p.m., Lapid was shot by gunmen. Lapid was shot dead at the entrance of BF Resort along Aria Street in Barangay Talon 2 in Las Pinas City.

The investigation by the police identified the suspect as an DWBL radio commentator in his car. The plate number for the car has been identified as NGS 8294. According to reports the report, Lapid’s car was struck by an white Fortuner just as he was about to pass through into the Resort gate. But , just before he entered the gate the man was killed by a motorcyclist.

They are both principal suspects in this investigation. After the shooting, they managed to escape off.

Percy Lapid Latest News:

The family of the deceased released a statement on the “brutal and brazen murder” of their beloved family member. The brother of Roy Mabasa wrote on Facebook that his family is shocked and saddened by the murder of a brave broadcaster family member, father, brother spouse, and friend.

He also said that we strongly condemn this horrible crime, which was not just against Percy and his loved ones and his work, however also our country and the Philippines and the truth.

Police have recovered two empty shells at the scene. They are also looking for video footage to ensure they are able to determine the identity of the suspect.

Who was Percy Lapid?

Percy Lapid Real Name is Percival Mabasa, however the name was a popular one for Percy Lapid among his followers.

We are able to learn more about his name from the statement made today from his relatives. His brother wrote on his Facebook page in which he said he’s a fantastic person for his family, was a national lover as well as a father and committed husband.

Percy was well-liked and respected by both foes and friends as well as his colleagues. His incisive and witty remarks made a difference in the flood of fake news that was broadcast on radio and on social media. Finally his brother has demanded that the cowardly murderers be prosecuted.

Percy Lapid Wikipedia:

  • Percy Lapid was born on March 14, 1959.
  • He was working at DWBL Radio station.
  • He was also broadcaster at JSY Publications.
  • Lapid was also a former broadcaster for DWIZ, a subsidiary of ALC Group of Companies, DWIZ (882 AM).
  • Lapid was an outspoken opposition to Philippine president Ferdinand Marcos Jr.
  • Just a few weeks ago he made a statement that criticized his critics of the Marcos government.
  • Following the Mabasa report’s backlash the executive secretary of the president has resigned.
  • When he returned from Resort He was about to start his live broadcast.
  • However, it was killed by a motorcyclist prior to the incident.
  • He was admitted to the hospital but later declared dead.

Percival Mabasa Biography:

  • The full title was Tito Percy Lapid.
  • The place of birth is Manila, Philippines.
  • Name of college and school is not well-known.
  • The most recent message on his Facebook page was with his brother.
  • More than 200,000 people were subscribers to his channel on YouTube.
  • The suspects both fled after killing him.
  • The investigation, as in this case is ongoing investigation, and the police are looking for video evidence.
  • P1 million reward made public by a the former Manila son.
  • The second homicide under the presidency of President Marcos.
  • On the 18th of September, Ray Blanco, another radio broadcaster was stabbed to death.

Justice for Percy Lapid:

In the wake of Percy Lapid Latest News of his death broke out the world, people are demanding justice for the man. #JusticeforPercyLapid started trending on social media.

Note: We very strongly against criminals and similar actions. We wrote this article for information purposes, and the information is based on news online articles.


Percy was a courageous broadcaster who was a true hero. We hope that the justice system is served and his killers are punished quickly. Many of his followers offered their condolences and tributes on behalf of his relatives. You can check out the complete story regarding Percy Lapid here .

What would you like to say about the fearless broadcaster, a lover of the nation, Lapid? Percy Lapid’s age was aged 63 at the time of his death on the 3rd of October, 2022. Add a comment if you wish to see justice done soon for him.



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