NBA Ja Morant Gun Video: Know About The Video?

Ja Morant Gun Video – Ja Morant, a NBA star, has been in trouble after he and his entourage posted a video on social media showing them with guns. This incident raised concerns about Morant’s safety, and led to a police investigation.

Reddit and Instagram shared the video. It also highlighted the strict NBA policy regarding firearms possession and the possible consequences for players who are found in violation.

This article will take a closer look into the Ja Morant video and the information we have so far. We’ll also discuss the potential consequences for the young basketball player.

Cops Start Investigation into Ja Morant’s Gun Video

Ja Morant, NBA star, is currently being investigated by law enforcement officers over a video in which he and his entourage are seen holding guns. The video has been trending on social media and raised questions about Ja Morant’s safety as well as whether or not he violated any gun laws.

Morant is a promising young player and the NBA has strict policies against players owning firearms.

This is all we know about the Ja Moant gun video:

Ja Morant Gun Video Sourced from Instagram and Reddit

The video was shared first on Instagram. It quickly gained popularity among users. Later, it was posted to Reddit where it gained widespread attention from both basketball fans as well as media.

Morant is shown with his friends holding what appear to be handguns. One of his friends also holds what appears like an assault rifle. The background music plays and you can hear people cheering and shouting.

Cops Investigating Ja Morant Gun Video

The Memphis Police Department launched an investigation after the video was made public. The police have yet to release any information about the investigation or reveal what charges Morant might face.

NBA Ja Morant Gun Video Policy

The NBA prohibits players from possessing firearms. Players are prohibited from carrying guns or any other dangerous weapons in the league’s collective bargaining agreement.

Although the league has not yet released a statement, it is possible that Morant could be subject to suspension or fines if found to have violated the league’s policy.

Ja Morant gun Video on YouTube

It has been viewed thousands of times on YouTube. Many fans expressed concern over Morant’s actions and some even called for his punishment by the league.

Ja Morant’s Comments on the Gun Video

Morant has not publicly commented on the video nor the investigation. Sources close to Morant have stated that he regrets the incident, and that he didn’t know the gravity of the situation at that time.

Commonly Asked Questions:

  • Is it legal for NBA players to have guns?

Although it is legal for NBA players to possess guns, the league has strict policies against players owning firearms.

  • Ja Morant could be charged with violating the NBA’s gun policy.

Morant could be subject to suspension or fines if he is found in violation of league policy.

  • What are the gun laws of Memphis?

The state of Tennessee governs Memphis’ gun laws. The state allows firearms to be owned and carried in the state. However, there are restrictions and regulations that must also be observed.

  • Ja Morant has Ja been in trouble before with the law?

Morant has never been in trouble with law before.

  • Are NBA players allowed to carry guns for self defense?

According to the collective bargaining agreement between the league and the players’ union, NBA players cannot carry guns for self defense.

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