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Ledressay Obituary

This write-up is intended to inform readers of Ledressay’s Obituary and her time in her home with family.

Did you know about the demise of Reine Marie Le Dressay? Many people in Canada are interested in knowing the more details concerning Marie Reine Le Dressy. She was among the prominent figures of the southern part of Saskatchewan, Canada. She devoted her entire life to education, friendships, and her family. Many people want to know more about her life story, the date she died, as well as the details of Ledressay’s Obituary. We will give our readers the answers to all of their concerns through this comprehensive article.

What was the best way to say final goodbyes in honor of Reine Ledressay?

Reine Marie Le Dressay, who passed away peacefully, on June 13, 2022, alongside her family members. her. She was warm and loving. She was very proud of her family and education all her life. In order to say farewell to Rehne Marie her family arranged funeral services for her on 2pm on July 18th in St. Cecilia. On 17th June, her family offered a prayer for her peace of soul in the Lee Funeral Home at Ledressay’s funeral. The family thanked Sarah Kozusko, Crystal Spooner and many others for their assistance. Family and friends will forever be missing and cherish her beautiful soul.

What is Reine Le Dressy?

Reine Marie Le Dressy was born March 19th, 1926. She was born at the hospital in Whitewood and raised on a farm. She is a strong advocate for her family, values of ethnicity and, perhaps most important education. She attended school in St. Josef’s College. When she was 15 she graduated from high school and in 1942, she was awarded her certificate of teaching. At Southern Saskatchewan, she taught for nine years. She devoted the entire time between 1943 and 1949, to teaching children. In her the Ledressay Obituarypeople declared that their lives were about family dedication, hard work, church as well as education, humor, and.

Relation to Reine Le Dressy to Paul Le Dressy

Following the announcement of Ledressay’s death People want to know the details of her story. Reine Le Dressy was averse to many invitations to marry. Mary Mann, sister of Reine was the best close friend of Paul Le Dressy, and through her, they got acquainted. For the next two years, Paul was away for work in the RCAF. While away, he often wrote to her , and finally wed on the 19th day of July, 1949.

The Life of Reine Le Dressay prior to Ledressay Obituary. Ledressay Obituary

Reine and Pual and Pual, both resided in 940 forgotten St during the last 51 years. She was committed to her family and other who were educated. They have a happy family with four sons. She earned a degree in Regina University in French Education at the age of 57. She attended many anniversaries weddings, funerals and funerals. She was a tireless and selfless worker. It’s great to know that she lived a full and happy life.


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