KMS Activator or How to Get a Windows License for Free

KMS Activator Windows 10 allows you to get a license key not only for Windows 10, but also for Windows 8/8.1/11. To activate Microsoft products, you need to use the KMSAuto activator. In this article you will learn what the program is, how to work with it and much more. Let’s start with the description.

KMSAuto.Net: What kind of program is this?

KMSAuto is a full-fledged software activator from Microsoft. The name of the utility stands for Key Management Server. This abbreviation is the whole essence of the program – it allows you to legally activate Windows. This method was developed by Microsoft itself to activate corporate versions of Windows. This method was taken as the basis of the activator and placed in a convenient shell of a small utility that even a novice user can work with. With the help of KMS Activator Windows, the Office software package is also activated.

The principle of operation

The principle of operation of the activator is not hidden by the developers, since the technique was developed by the creators of the operating system themselves. The program creates a key management server and makes the OS think that it is located on the computer. After successful activation, the server is deleted and the normal operation of the computer continues.

Activation Windows

You can download and read more about Windows activation here.

1. Download and run KMSAuto.


I recommend disabling antivirus and Windows Defender, as they may interfere with activation.

2. You will see only two buttons. “Activate Windows” and “Activate Office” in our case, we choose Windows. Also do not forget that KMSAuto is a universal activator and with it you can also activate any version of Office. 

kmsauto activator

3. Done!

Activator Windows

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