Khader Adnan Death Cause and Obituary: How Did Khader Died?

Khader Adnan died after 86 consecutive days of hunger strike. Continue reading to learn more about this Palestinian prisoner.

Khader Adan was a Palestinian prisoner who had been detained 12 times in Israel under administrative detention.

Adnan is also widely known as a leader and spokesperson for the Palestinian Islamic Jihad. He was reportedly also a member the Palestinian reconciliation commission.

Adnan was widely recognized for his repeated detentions by Israeli authorities. Recently, the death of Adnan, a Palestinian prisoner, has brought him to public attention.

Khader Adenan Death Cause: Palestinian prisoner died in hunger strike

Khader Adnan died from a cause related to hunger strike. The Palestinian prisoner had been on hunger strike for 86 days when he died in an Israeli jail. The Palestinian Prisoners Society broke the shocking news.

Adnan, according to Israel Prison Service (IPS), was found unconscious on Tuesday morning and rushed to hospital. Attempts to revive him failed. Adnan refused to get medical treatment and undergo tests, according to the IPS.Khader Adnan , who was found unconscious on Tuesday morning and rushed to hospital for treatment but was not revived.

After the announcement of the death, militants launched at least three rockets, but no one was injured. Adnan was also charged with being a member of a terrorist organization and provocation, and he was due to face trial in this month.

He was originally from Jenin, in the West Bank occupied. Over the last 20 years he had been arrested by Israel several times. Khader was also on five hunger strikes.

Khader Adenan Obituary & Funeral Details

Everyone was shocked when the Palestinian Prisoners Society shared Khader Adnan’s obituary. Prisoners Affairs Authority (PAA), the Palestinian Prisoners Society and prisoner institutions confirmed that Israeli Prison Service had officially informed the prisoners about Adnan’s death following his hunger-strike.

In a press release, the Ministry of Prisoners and Ex-Prisoners Affairs confirmed that Adnan was on a hunger-strike for nearly 86 days. This is a clear demonstration of his arbitrarily arrest.Adnan died on May 2, 2103, and his relatives are mourning.

The prisoners were informed of Adnan’s martyrdom, as he was in an extremely critical state and could die at any time. This is because the Israeli authorities had refused to respond to his demands, and ignored him medically, by placing him in prison despite his declining health after 86-days of hunger strike.

Khader Adnan Health Condition Before Death

People are searching for information about Khader Adnan’s health after his death. There were few details. Adnan was reportedly refused medical care and tests by Israeli prison officials.

A lawyer for Adnan blamed Israel for medical negligence. Israel, according to reports, was moved into a civil hospital so that he could receive appropriate follow-up.Khader Adnan received a warm welcome from Palestinians in 2015 after he was released from an Israeli prison.

Unfortunately, the Israeli prison authorities refused to budge on this demand. Adnan is also married to Randa Mousa.

Mousa informed Agence France-Presse that her husband is being held at a clinic in the Ramla prison in central Israel.

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