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This article of Katanakult Review will help our customers. Find all the pertinent information here.

Are you a fan of samurai, and their amazing Katanas? If so then this store was created for you, as there are a range of Katanas. In addition you can also purchase the katana of your favorite anime character. This shop is within the United States.

This article about Katanakult Review will assist our readers to determine if the website is legitimate or fake. It will also provide potential customers with the information they need regarding this site.

Tracing Of Katanakult Shop

The store sells products to online customers and lets customers purchase their top katanas, or any other katana they want. The costs of this store are affordable and anyone can pay for the variety they have and not have to worry about cost. Here are a few of their items:

  • Tanjiro Katana
  • Elucidator
  • Zoro Mini Katana
  • Attack on titan sword
  • Trafalgar Kikoku

Is Katanakult Legit? The store offers its customers wide range of products and services however, how do you be sure that the site is authentic? Is it a perpetual store and legitimate? Each person should remain cautious when approaching anyone online as there are numerous scams all over the world. Read this article to learn the essential details about this retailer:

Features Of Katanakult Store

  • Buy Tanjiro Katana from https://katanakult.com/
  • Email Information: 76nj12j323j99ssdnf66@fkittttttt.com
  • Telephone Number The number is not listed on the website.
  • address information Information on Address is not available on the site.

The products listed that are listed on the site do not contain any Katanakult reviews. The customer has not shared any feedback regarding their product. There is no website that has posted any feedback on their product.

  • Refund PolicyThis retail store offers a 30 day return policy for their products
  • Shipping Policies:This shop delivers orders within 5 to 13 working days.
  • Shipping Costs: There are no specific shipping fees offered by the site.
  • Modal Payment: The buyer can choose to pay for their purchase in four installments when they shop. order over $50.

Highlights Positive

  • This website is protected by the protocol, which means that sharing of data is secured.
  • Katanas are composed entirely of metal.

Negative Highlights

  • The phone number and address aren’t mentioned.
  • There are no feedback from customers.

Is Katanakult Legit?

Katanakult site is an authentic and legitimate website. However, to be a legally-licensed site, it has to meet specific standards. Here are a few scales that help us in assessing the nature of the website. These are:

  • Site RegistrationThis Website was closed off the internet on April 8, 2022. This means that it’s only been in operation for 4 months to date.
  • Trust Index:This website has a trust value of just two percent that means it’s not very reliable.
  • Registration:This site was registered through GoDaddy.com, LLC.
  • User Reviews No Katanakult reviews written by any buyer on the site The site has not provided any feedback on the website.
  • Social Media The store you are browsing through isn’t accessible on any social media platform.
  • Information Security The site is secured by the HTTP protocol that protects information sharing of the user.
  • Unknown Details: Only Email information appeared on the display. The address, phone number and other information isn’t mentioned in their site, making it suspect.
  • Policies: Policies regarding the refund policy shipping and delivery policies along with return and shipping policies, are available on the site.

Katanakult Reviews

There is no feedback provided by any of the users or on their website , and the website has not mentioned any kind of review about the website. This raises doubt in the mind of the user that the website is fake. Additionally the site only provides email with all the information needed such as address and phone number is not mentioned on the site. The store isn’t accessible through any social media platform.

Alexa rank has been abysmally ranked this website, meaning that we can’t trust this site. We therefore do not recommend this site. Consumers can accept the evaluation of fraud using credit cards on this site.


In closing this article with Katanakult reviews we can conclude that the website was only registered about a month back, which is considerably shorter time. The trust score of this site was found to be very low, and by analyzing the above can help shoppers determine the credibility of the website. Shoppers can also understand the steps to be safe from PayPal scams in this article. Click this link to read more about shopping online.

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