Jockey Opie Bosson Wife: Read Her Family Details Here!

Opie Bosson Jockey Wife Emily Bosson: Opie Bosson, a well-known jockey from New Zealand, is well-known. He has enjoyed a long and successful career in horse racing, winning many races during his career. Bosson is well-known for his partnership with “Winx”, and has been a leading jockey in New Zealand for many years. This article will cover Opie Bosson’s wife Emily Bosson and his career as a jockey.

Opie Bosson Wife

Opie Bosson has been married to Emily Bosson. Emily, a former jockey, has ridden many winners in her career. They have been married for many years and have two children together.

Opie Bosson Jockey

Opie Bosson, a successful jockey, has won many races over his career. In 1996, he began his career as an jockey and has since ridden more than 2000 winners. Bosson won many major races in Australia and New Zealand, including the Auckland Cup and New Zealand Derby and the Cox Plate.

Bosson is well-known for his association with “Winx”, the famous horse. Winx was his partner in many of her victories, including the 2018 Queen Elizabeth Stakes victory. Bosson is a top New Zealand jockey and has been the top jockey in New Zealand several times.

Emily Bosson

Emily Bosson was a former jockey and rode many winners in her career. Opie Bosson is her husband and she has two children. Emily enjoys riding horses and has participated in many competitions.


  • What are the races Opie Bosson has won?

Opie Bosson won more than 2000 races during his career as a jockey.

  • Who is Emily Bosson, the actress?

Emily Bosson, a former jockey, is the wife of Opie Bosson.

  • What is Opie Bosson’s most famous partnership?

Opie Bosson is well-known for his association with “Winx”, the famous horse.

  • What number of children does Opie Bosson currently have?

Opie Bosson and Emily Bosson have two children.

  • What were Opie Bosson’s biggest wins?

Opie Bosson won many major races including the Auckland Cup and New Zealand Derby.

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