Is Zonnique Pullins in Jail: Why Did Zonnique Pullins Go To Jail?

Is Zonnique Pullins in Jail? Find out why Zonnique “Tiny Harris” Pullins, the daughter of Tameka Harris was in jail and the latest updates!

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Is Zonnique Pullins in Jail?

Zonnique “Tiny”, the daughter of Xscape’s Tameka Harris, and T.I.’s stepdaughter, was arrested for a short time and charged with carrying a gun at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, Atlanta. Pullins was found to have a Ruger.380 pistol in her purse with a clip, five rounds and a magazine. This was discovered by an X-Ray.

She claimed to have a license to carry a firearm but could not provide proof. Pullins was freed from Clayton County Jail on Friday morning. Scroll down to find out all about her arrest.

Why did Zonnique pullins go to jail?

Few years ago, Zonnique Pluins was arrested for having a gun at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport Atlanta.

Instagram was used by a family member to reveal that the woman forgot her gun was in her purse. Tamara Whitaker wrote: “Zonnique was caught with her registered gun but, like most of us she forgot that it was in her big purse.” We were taught by my family to carry a small pistol as protection because people in the city are insane. “With the recent shootings in Orlando and the death of a popular pop star, I believe it is very appropriate that she carry a gun. Just maybe not to the airport lol.”

What is the baby father of Zonnique Pullins?

According to sources, Zonnique’s boyfriend is Bandhunta, a rapper, and father of her child. She told People that he seemed genuinely excited about the idea of having a family. He has experience in parenting, as he had already raised children before dating Zonnique. Growing up, T.I. had several siblings. Zonnique, along with her mother, has spent most of her childhood surrounded by children.

Zonnique described her boyfriend as “soft” and “He already has two children.” He is a completely different person around his children than with anyone else. My friends, my mother, my parents and my entire family are aware of how I treat my siblings. When my sister Heiress [my 4-year-old] is crying too much, I get angry. I think, “Okay, now I have to toughen up this girl.” I think I will be the stricter parent.

Zonnique Pullins Dad

Zonnie Pullins (also known as Zebo) is primarily recognized as the biological dad of R&B artist Zonnique Pullins. Zonnique lives with her mother Tameka Cottle (popularly known as Tiny), an American singer and songwriter, and her stepfather TI, a rapper.

Zonnie Pullins has been happily married for over a decade to Cheryl Redmond Pullins. They have two children together. Zonnie Pullins was previously in a relationship Tameka. Tameka Cottle began a new relationship with rapper TI during the time Zonnie spent in prison.

Zonnique Pullins Biography

NameZonnique Pullins
Date of birth20 March 1996
FatherZonnie Pullins
MotherTameka Dianne “Tiny” Harris
Zonnique Pullins NationalityAmerican

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