Is Mizzy Arrested: Why Was Mizzy Arrested?

Is Mizzy Arrested? Read the full article to find out who Mizzy is.

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Is Mizzy Arrested?

Yes, Mizzy (whose real name was Bacari Ogarro) was arrested in London on 18 January 2023 for assaulting an individual from the Jewish community. While the investigation continues, he was released. He was also arrested for other crimes, such as trespassing and harassment.

Ogarro has a reputation for posting videos on TikTok or YouTube of himself doing what he refers to as “pranks”, which often involve harassing and assaulting other people. His videos are often criticized as being offensive and dangerous.

His arrests, however, have sparked debate on the role that social media platforms play in promoting harmful content and profiting off of it.

Why was Mizzy arrested?

Bacari Ogarro (18), a TikToker who goes by the name “Mizzy,” was arrested after he assaulted orthodox Jews at Stamford Hill. He attracted attention for posting videos in which he appears to harass members of the Jewish community.

Ogarro was banned from his TikTok account after these videos were viewed nearly two million times on YouTube. He still has a large following on YouTube, with more than 30,000 subscribers, and Instagram with 57,000.

Ogarro is seen in one video sneaking up behind a young Charedi at a bus station, leaping into the air and placing his hands on his shoulders. He then tries to leapfrog him.

Who is Mizzy?

The Jerusalem Post reported that an influencer known as “Mizzy” on TikTok was arrested in the UK after posting videos harassing Jews. Bacari Ogarro (also known as “Mizzy” on social media) shared a video in which he sneaks behind an ultra-Orthodox Jewish male, places his hand on his shoulders and tries to jump over him. Ogarro also entered the home of an ultra-Orthodox Jewish family by entering their front door that was accidentally left open.

Ogarro is not the first to share controversial videos. He posted an antisemitic clip earlier this year in which he donned a Hasidic hat while making derogatory comments. Ogarro, however, denies that he is antisemitic. He claims that his pranks are directed at everyone in the neighbourhood.

Mizzy Tiktoker was charged

Bacari Ogarro (also known as “Mizzy”) posted a video of him riding a bicycle while wearing a hoiche and yelling, “Guys I’m an f**king Jew.” Ogarro is captured in another clip, “Who leaves their doors open like that?” as he enters the home of a Jewish couple. He encounters two children and a man in a prayer shawl as he walks down the hall. Ogarro looks into the kitchen, before quickly leaving.

Ogarro reveals in a video on YouTube that he spent 36 hours being detained by the police because of a TikTok. He walks through Stamford Hill and initiates conversations with random strangers. He emphasizes that he’s not antisemitic. He claims that the videos were meant to be playful interactions between people from his neighborhood, regardless of ethnicity. Ogarro claims that two officers chased him to his home and handcuffed.

He was then arrested, and originally charged with racially aggravating assault. After 12 hours of being in custody, the man was told that he will be charged with criminal damages rather than a hatred crime.

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