Is Jack Stein Related To Rick Stein: How They Relate?

Jack Stein is related to Rick Stein. Jack Stein is the second child of Rick, the celebrity chef. Jack has followed in the footsteps of his father.

Jack Stein is an internationally known chef and TV personality. Jack Stein is the director of his family’s restaurants. He has appeared on several TV shows, such as Sunday Brunch, Wine, Dine and Stein, Pointless Celebrities, Saturday Kitchen,etc.

Rick Stein is his father. Rick Stein’s career spans decades and he has achieved incredible success.

The 76-year old celebrity chef is also a writer, restaurateur and TV partner with his former spouse.

Let’s find out more about the relationship between father and son in today’s article.

Is Jack Stein Related To Rick Stein? Father-Son Relationship And Age Gap

Jack Stein is Rick Stein’s second son. Jack Stein has two brothers, an older brother named Edward, and a younger one called Charles/Charlie.

Rick Stein shares three of his sons with Jill Stein. They were married between 1975 and 2007.The Stein brothers are Rick Stein’s sons who run the hotel and restaurant empire.

Jack Stein, born in 1982 will be 41 years old by 2023. His father, Rick Stein, was born in 1947.

In 2023, the older Stein will be 76. The father-son pair has a 35 year age difference.

Edward, Jack and Charlie Stein manage the family business. The Stein hotel and restaurant group has ten locations in Cornwall and elsewhere. Edward is responsible for architecture, property and design. Jack is the chef and director of the hotel-restaurant empire.

Meet Rick Stein Sons – Edward And Chalie Stein

Edward Stein is Rick Stein’s eldest child. He was born 1979. Ed is either a stonemason, or sculptor.

Edward revealed in an interview with The Guardian that he was only 17 years old when his father started his career as a television personality. Many people would ask him if Rick Stein was his father.

Edward Stein, a stonemason and sculptor by trade, left his family business in order to pursue a career of his own.

Charles Stein was also born in 1989, as the youngest son of Rick Stein. He is a winemaker.

Jack Stein Career Explored

Jack Stein , TV personality and chef, began his career at the age of 12 as a pot washer and kitchen porter in Padstow’s The Seafood Restaurant.

He then attended Cardiff University and earned a Masters’s degree in ancient history, as well as a BSc (Bachelor of Science) in psychology, before returning to Cornwall.

Jack revealed that Rick, his father, had told him not to return to Padstow if he did not want to. In a 2020 interview, he confessed to the Irish News that he missed Padstow.Jack Stein, who earned a psychology degree, returned to his family’s business because he missed the small town he grew up in.

Jack was on ITV This Morning, BBC Saturday Kitchen and BBC Saturday Kitchen.

He co-hosted Wine, Dine, and Stein, a South African TV show, with his brother Charlie Stein.

In 2021, he was selected to be one of the professional chef participants in the ITV cooking show Cooking with the Stars. He returned to the show in 2022 for the second season.

Get To Know Jack Stein Wife And Kids

Jack Stein and his Australian wife Lucy are happily married. After the covid-19 epidemic, the couple tied the knot.

Due to the pandemic, the couple had to postpone their wedding twice. Jack and Lucy are still together.

The couple’s children are not known.

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