Is Gyokko Dead: Gyokko Is Weaker Than Gyutaro?

Is Gyokko dead? Find out how Gyokko died, and why he is so weak.

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Is Gyokko Dead?

Gyokko’s death in “Demon Slayer”, which appeared too easy, has led to fans questioning if he is really dead. Tengen Uzui versus Gyutaro, or Rengoku versus Akaza were intense battles that had fans on edge of their seat. They sympathized with both Demons as well as Hashiras.

The battles were epic and exciting even when our heroes had to face Lower Moon Demons such as Rui or Enmu. Muichiro and Gyokko’s battle was not as thrilling.

Gyokko’s demise is not a surprise to those who were hoping for a twist. The battle is over, whether it was due to his own limitations as a Upper Moon 5 or Mist Hashira’s overwhelming power. Gyokko’s storyline has ended.

Gyokko was left with no options in the heat of battle, contrary to his expectations. He had exhausted all his techniques and was left with no surprises.

Although his ability, Killer Fish Scales enhanced his attacks by hardening his body, it lacked grandeur usually associated with a Upper Rank 5. Muichiro, on the other hand showed his mastery over the best Breathing Forms. Gyokko was unable to resist the force unleashed on him and ultimately lost.

Why was Gyokko so Weak?

Gyokko wasn’t weak, but was definitely not as strong as the other Upper Moons. This is due to a number of reasons:

  • He was arrogant, and he underestimated his opponent. Gyokko had a high level of confidence in himself and underestimated his opponents’ strength. He made mistakes because he was overconfident. For example, he underestimated Muichiro tokito’s Mark.
  • His fighting style wasn’t very diverse. Gyokko focused his fighting style on water-breathing and poisonous blood. Muichiro, for example, was able to counter his abilities.
  • He wasn’t as good at hand-to-hand fighting. Gyokko, despite being a powerful demon was not as good at hand-to-hand fighting as other Upper Moons. Muichiro exploited this weakness during their battle.

Gyokko, despite his weaknesses, was still an extremely powerful demon. He was able kill several Demon Slayers, and even injured Muichiro tokito. His arrogance, and lack of versatility, ultimately led to his demise.

Gyokko is weaker than Gyutaro.

Gyokko, as the fifth-highest position in the Twelve Kizuki has extraordinary power. His Blood Demon Art is superior to that of other demons. This gives him an advantage in defeating and eliminating Hashira, one of the most talented and powerful swordsmen within the Demon Slayer Corps. Gyokko, a Upper Rank Five, surpasses Gyutaro’s and Daki’s strength, with the former having killed 15 Hashira, and the latter having killed 7.

Gyokko’s strength has been demonstrated in numerous impressive ways. Gyokko’s duel with Muichiro tokito is particularly noteworthy. Gyokko held back the Hashira throughout the battle, and brought him close to death.

It is very likely that the Upper Rank could have killed him if not for Gyokko’s arrogance, and Muichiro’s awakening of his Demon Slayer Mark.

Who is Gyokko?

Gyokko is a demon who belongs to the Twelve Kizuki. He is one of the main antagonists of Demon Slayer – Kimetsu No Yaiba’s Swordsmith Village Arc. Gyokko, formerly known as Managi and holding the position of Upper Rank Five in the group, was once a human.

Gyokko’s demonic appearance is truly bizarre. He appears as a pale-white, abstracted humanoid with a muscular upper body that looks like a statue without arms emerging from a vase. This is reminiscent of the djinn. The hands on his head and back resemble those of an infant.

Gyokko has a face that is distorted. His eyes are vertically placed on his forehead, but his mouths are distorted. The Upper Rank mark is engraved in his forehead’s right eye. The Five mark is engraved in his mouth’s left eye.

Gyokko can molt during battle and take on his true form. This resembles a merman. In this state, Gyokko retains his muscular body and facial features but takes on a humanoid appearance covered with transparent scales. The transformation of the character includes longer hair on his head, black marks on his body and webbed hands. His legs are replaced by a long, serpentine tail.

Demon Slayer Season 3

Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba, a popular Japanese animated series based on a manga by Koyoharu gotouge of the same title, is a very popular anime. The anime is a huge hit around the world and its third season has just been announced. The next season will adapt “Swordsmith Village”, an arc of the manga.

The third season of Demon Slayer, titled Kimetsu no Yaiba – Swordsmith Village arc, premiered April 9, 2023. The first episode was a 49-minute special, which captivated fans with the continuation of the exciting storyline.

On February 3, 2023, a compilation movie titled Demon Slayer : Kimetsu no Yaiba – To the Swordsmith Village aired in Japan prior to the premiere of the third season. The film included footage from the last two episodes of “Entertainment District Arc” as well as a preview of the first episode in the “Swordsmith Village Arc”.

Crunchyroll has licensed the rights to the anime season and is allowing international fans to enjoy it. Crunchyroll started streaming the English-dubbed version of Demon Slayer on May 28, 2023. This allows a larger audience to experience the world of Demon Slayer.

The third season is filled with captivating theme songs. Man with a Mission performs the opening theme “Kizuna no Kiseki” and Milet performs the ending theme “Koi Kogare”. These talented artists contributed to the overall mood and emotional impact.

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