Is Folcin Legit {Aug 2022} Check The Details Here!

The goal of the article is to provide details on the authenticity of Folcin. Folcin shop, and to determine if it is Folcin legitimate or a fraud. Follow us until the close to learn further.

Do you require professional tools? A large number of people across the world love to cultivate their gardens. One of those nations which is India , where people are fond of cultivating their personal garden with their own love. This is why Folcin is a Folcin website is becoming popular for its gardening tools that are professional as well as some other items that provide a fresh appearance to your garden, however people would like to find out if Folcin is Folcin legal. We’re here to give you the right details. This article will address the authenticity of Folcin. Folcin store.

Is Folcin a legit shop?

Folcin’s official website displays its name on its website and showcases some of its products and the goal. To get a deeper understanding of Folcin’s website, we’ll examine some of the parameters that can help you determine whether we can trust this Folcin shop or not.

  • Domain Date The Folcin website’s date of registration is 15 August 2022.
  • Trust Score Folcin Trust Score Folcin website’s trust score is 2%.
  • Alexa Rate Folcin’s Alexa Rate Folcin Website’s Alexa rank is not accessible.
  • Customer Review Customer Review – None Folcin reviews were on the Folcin official website.
  • Address Legitimacy – The website address was found to be copied from other fake websites.
  • Email Legitimacy –
  • Plagiarism Information – on Focin’s Focin website, there is no evidence of plagiarism was discovered in their images or data
  • Unrealistic Discounts – There’s no discounts on their products
  • Privacy and Security Policy: All privacy policies are available on the Folcin’s official website
  • Bulk Buying Option: The bulk buying option is readily available, and it allows you to purchase more than 50 items at once.
  • Social Media Presence Folcin is not accessible on any social media platform.

Overview of Folcin store and find out if Folcin store is Folcin legit or a Scam

Folcin declares to be a retailer of professional tools, which provide customers with top quality products and services for gardening. Folcin promises to offer accurate products that will ensure that their customers’ shopping experience is extraordinary. Folcin claims to have many years of experience and have direct relationships between suppliers and buyers.

The items Floxin store sells are:

  • Solar LED Torch Light
  • 8-in-1 Water Jet
  • Automatic 360 Garden Lawn Sprinkler
  • Tools Storage Pouch
  • Floating Solar Fountain Kit
  • Multi-functional Brown Garden Kneeler& Seat with Gloves
  • Plus, many other professional gardening equipment and tools

A few features that determine the validity of Folcin. Folcin is Legit

  • Date of Registration The registration date on Folcin’s website is August 15, 2022. Folcin website is 15 August 2022.
  • URL -
  • Category – Professional Gardening Tools and Gardening Accessories
  • Company Address – 110 North Bonnie Brae Street, Los Angeles, Ca 90026, USA
  • Contact Number – Folcin’s phone number is + +1 206 -536 (2473).
  • Email Address:
  • The Return Policy of 30 days return policy has been made available to the customer.
  • Shipping Charges – The cost of shipping will vary based on shipping location
  • Social Media Lists Social Media Lists Folcin store is not listed on any social media platforms. Likewise, the Folcin store is not listed on any of the social media platforms. Folcin reviews.
  • Shipping Policy Folcin takes between 5-8 business days to send your order
  • Shipping Charges – The cost of shipping may vary depending on the delivery location
  • Refund Policy 100% refund in the event of cancellation of order up to 24 hours from the time of placing the order and following delivery, the refund will be granted upon inspection by certain criteria
  • Pay by Credit Card – You are able to make your purchase using PayPal as well as Venmo

positive points on Folcin store

  • Folcin store has shared all the details about their sites, including their email Address and email Address.
  • Folcin Store has given the phone number for the store.

Negative Points on Is Folcin Legit

  • Customer Reviews aren’t available on the official website of Folcin. Folcin official website.
  • We have not been able to contact them via any social media platform.
  • There are more than 50 items that look to be suspicious

Customer Reviews

We have already given you the most important elements and aspects that make up this Folcin Website, however, we were unable to locate any reviews. There aren’t any reviews by customers on the official website of Flocin. Reviews play a crucial element in the buying experience We suggest that you consider other aspects prior to buying through Folcin or how to stay away from frauds through PayPal.


The article examines the question of is Folcin Legal and, when we have discussed the most important aspects in this article, the Folcin website has offered important details. The website could have included some reviews from customers to increase the customer’s confidence. Check out this article to learn the best practices for the garden.

Do you love gardening? Tell us how you find our article and let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Find out how to get a full refund on the credit Card.

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