Is Carl Lentz Still Married: What Happened To Carl Lentz?

Carl Lentz is still married? Carl Lentz and his wife Laura Lentz are still married. They will celebrate their 20th anniversary in 2023.

Carl Lentz: Who is he?

Stephen Carl Lentz was born in 1978. He is an American former pastor. GQ referred to him as a “hype priest”. Lentz was the lead pastor at Hillsong NYC until November 4, 2020. He was then dismissed by Hillsong Global pastor Brian Houston for “leadership problems and breaches of faith, as well as a recent disclosure of moral failings.”

Leona Kimes was the former nanny to Lentz’s kids. She made allegations against Lentz of bullying, power abuse, and sexual abuse on May 31, 2021. Lentz confessed to an extramarital relationship with Leona Kimes in May 2023 during the FX documentary, “The Secrets of Hillsong”. She was not only Lentz’s nanny, but also the co-pastor of Hillsong and wife of the married pastor. Lentz revealed during the documentary that he was dependent on Adderall.

Carl Lentz still married?

Carl Lentz, yes he is still married. Carl and Laura were married on May 5, 2003. They began a journey that would last for two decades. In 2023 they will celebrate their 20th anniversary. Laura, who recently opened up about her mistakes and Carl’s healing process, wrote a lengthy post in May of 2021.

Laura posted a photo on Instagram to mark their 18th anniversary. This was the first time she has done so since Carl’s scandal of cheating became public in November 2019. She did not mention the scandal directly in her caption but she made reference to family challenges and resilience. Laura compared palm trees to their ability to grow and endure storms. She listed words like “freedom”, “righteousness”, “reward” and the resurrection.

What is Carl Lentz doing now?

Carl Lentz, after leaving Hillsong, sought a desk-job in Sarasota. In the documentary he stated his desire to get “off the grid” by allowing a film crew into his gray-and white office at an advertising agency. He joked, “I have been promoting the Gospel for a long time.”

Lentz is also reported to have joined the staff at Transformation Church, Tulsa in Oklahoma. Religion News Service received an email from the church’s executive minister of operations, who stated, “We are pleased to welcome Carl Lentz to Transformation Church, where he is expected to contribute to our strategic initiatives as we progress towards our expanded vision.”

Carl Lentz Net Worth Now

Carl Lentz’s net worth is $3 Million. Carl Lentz’s net worth was $3 Million in 2020. Carl Lentz played a key role in founding Hillsong NYC, a vibrant church in New York City in 2010. Carl Lentz’s contributions to the church, and his ministries, left an indelible impression, particularly among the millennial generation, showing off his profound and transformational influence.

Lentz introduced a new and distinct approach to fashion and brand within the realms of young pastors. He set a trend encompassing tattoos, unconventional haircuts, fashionable clothing, trendy footwear, and fashionable apparel. Lentz wanted to engage and connect with the younger generation through these unconventional choices. He also wanted to make religion and spirituality accessible and relatable to them.

Carl Lentz’s Age

Carl Lentz was born in Williamsburg, Virginia, on November 6, 1978. He is currently 44 years old. Lentz attended North Carolina State University between 1998 and 2000 after completing his high school education. Lentz was a walk-on basketball player for the men’s team of the university during his time at the school, which showcased his passion for the game.

He then embarked on an educational journey in Sydney, Australia, at the prestigious Hillsong International Leadership College. Lentz and Joel Houston, son of Hillsong founder Brian Houston conceived of the idea to establish a Hillsong Church in New York City during this time of formative development.

What happened to Carl Lentz

Lentz’s unwavering devotion to his family for the past three year was expressed in a heartfelt Instagram posting shared just a week prior to the premiere of the film “The Secrets of Hillsong.” His only focus has been to fight for his family, making their wellbeing his number one priority. Lentz realized that in order to meet his commitment, he needed to pursue sobriety while also healing.

Lentz continued to reflect upon the importance of their 20th anniversary, which was celebrated on May 5. He emphasized the purity and depth their relationship. He acknowledged, however, that this milestone was not without its challenges. These included humiliation and embarrassment.

Lentz explained his current role by explaining that he no longer has an active ministry, but is still part of a supportive community. Lentz aims to provide perspective, insight and support whenever possible. His joy and hope comes from the knowledge that he can use his experiences and journey to help others. Lentz stands with open arms, as a sign of understanding and support, for anyone who may have walked the same path of destruction.

Carl Lentz Wife

Laura Lentz, wife of Carl Lentz. Carl and Laura Lentz recently spoke openly in an interview for a forthcoming FX documentary about the challenges that they faced after Carl’s affair was revealed. The couple chose to remain together despite the challenges they faced.

Laura said that she was shocked to learn of Carl’s betrayal. Laura was devastated when she learned of Carl’s betrayal during a conversation on October 25, 2019. Laura was devastated when Carl admitted to being unfaithful.

Hillsong leadership discovered incriminating texts between Carl and Ranin Karim who was identified by the church as his mistress. The board members, including founder Brian Houston, began to question Carl regarding his relationship with Leona Kiese. She was the nanny of the Lentz family and a church member.

Laura was unaware that Carl had an affair with his nanny until then, but she suspected something when she saw them in a compromising situation. The Lentz couple chose to take part in the documentary despite the pain they felt and the betrayal that occurred. This is a part of their journey of healing. The couple is working to overcome the effects of Carl’s behavior and are dedicated to rebuilding their marriage.

Lentz was determined to show his love for his family despite the external noises, rumors and half-truths that surrounded him. Lentz acknowledged that the journey is not over yet and that it will require hard work, honesty and prayer. However, he shared that his family has found themselves in an authentically happy and beautiful place.

How tall is Carl Lentz

Carl Lentz is 175 cm (5 feet 9 inches) tall. Carl Lentz, a member of the staff at Transformation Church Oklahoma in March 2023 was appointed. In a newsletter from the church dated November 4, 2021, Brian Houston, Hillsong’s Global Senior Pastor, announced publicly that Carl Lentz was terminated. Lentz’s removal was due to “leadership problems and breaches of trust,” along with recent moral failings.

Lentz admitted that he was involved in an extramarital relationship, and this contributed to his dismissal. Lentz’s spouse also lost her job at the church despite her actions not being a cause for concern.

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