Is Busy Philipps Getting Divorced: Who Is Busy Philipps Husband?

If Busy Philipps is getting divorced, then that would be a very fatal decision for both her and her husband. So know everything about Busy’s divorce as well as her Marital Life with her ex-husband.

Who is Busy Phillips?

Elizabeth Jean Busy Philipps, a true American jewel, is known for her incredible talent as an actor and her unwavering support for abortion access. She has had a career that reflects her wide range of talents, starting with her appearances on Freaks and Geeks and ending with her portrayal as Laurie Keller in Cougar Town for which she won the Critics’ Choice Television Award. She has also been a shining star in the world of film, with supporting roles in films like The Smokers and He’s Just not That Into You.

Philipps’ infectious personality and quirky humor are well-known, but she is also known for her television talk show Busy Tonight on E!. She is currently starring in Girls5eva on Peacock, and continues to amaze audiences with her passion and energy.

Philipps was born in Oak Park, Illinois – a suburb of Chicago – and earned the nickname Busy as a young child. She clarified in an episode of Comedy Bang! that it was either her parents, or her babysitter Susie. Bang! It was her babysitter, who, in actuality, gave her her nickname. She still uses it to this day.

Philipps met fellow Freaks and Geeks co-stars Linda Cardellini and Colin Hanks while she was attending Loyola Marymount University. She dated Hanks after school for several years, which added to her charm and likeability.

Elizabeth Jean “Busy Philipps” is a force in the entertainment world and beyond. She is a true icon because of her passion, talent and unique personality. Her advocacy for important issues only adds more to her legacy.

Is Busy Philipps Getting Divorced?

After 14 years of marriage, Busy Philipps announced her separation from Marc Silverstein on her podcast Busy Philipps is Doing Her best in May 2022. The couple separated in February 2021 but kept their separation a secret until then. Busy revealed in her podcast that the couple’s families, friends and children knew about their separation but had kept it secret to protect their kids.

Marc and Busy have two children: Birdie, 13 and Cricket Pearl (8 years old). Busy stressed that despite their separation she and Marc loved each other and that their relationship was still very strong.

Busy, who had previously kept her marriage private, opened up in her 2018 book, This Will Just Hurt A Little. She revealed that she sought the support of another man when her marriage was going through a tough time.

After the split, Busy posted a video of herself singing “Just Be Simple”, a song by Songs: Ohia. The lyrics include, “How really there is no difference between who he used to be and who he has become.”

Busy is known for her work in TV series such as Dawson’s Creek, Cougar Town and films like White Chicks, I Feel Pretty and many others. She is also a strong advocate for women’s issues and has spoken about body positivity, mental health and other topics.

Why did Busy Philipps get divorced?

Busy Phillips said that she and Marc Silverstein, her ex-husband, decided to split after their relationship was struggling for a long time. Busy Phillips revealed in a podcast episode from May 2022 that she and Marc have been separated since February 2020.

Busy shared in the podcast that Marc and her therapist advised them to concentrate on the positive aspects of their relationship and remove the negative ones, to keep their children stable. Busy stressed that despite the separation she and Marc loved each other, and that their relationship was still very strong.

In her 2018 autobiography, This Will Just Hurt A Little, Busy revealed she reached out to a man for support when her marriage was going through a tough time. It is unclear whether or not this was a factor in her divorce from Marc.

Busy’s reasons for divorcing Marc are largely kept private. The actress has stressed the importance of keeping certain aspects of her life away from the public to protect the privacy of her family.

Marc Silverstein and Busy Philipps Split

Busy Philipps married her partner Marc Silverstein in June 2007. They invited friends and family to a surprise party they thought would be Busy’s birthday. Upon her arrival, the couple revealed that it was actually their wedding ceremony.

In a June 2014 Instagram post, Busy referred to the day as “the most magical and fun day of my life”. When times were tough in her marriage, Busy often reflected on the day in question and thought about how lucky she was to have Marc by her side in life.

Birdie was born just over a month after Busy Phillips and Marc Silverstein were married. In December 2020, Busy revealed publicly on her podcast that Birdie (their 13-year old child) identifies herself as gay and uses the pronouns they/them. Busy Tonight’s former host, the actress Busy, shared that she was proud of her 13-year-old child Birdie for being her true self. She also wants to use her platform as a supporter of the LGBTQ+ community.

Busy Philipps filed for divorce in December 2016 from Marc Silverstein when she realized that their relationship was not going well. In an interview she gave to Parents in November 2018, Philipps revealed that Silverstein’s inability to be involved in the parenting of their children played a major role in her decision. The couple separated in February of 2021. Philipps kept the news secret for more than a year, to protect their privacy.

Busy Philipps Husband

Marc Silverstein, a respected figure in Hollywood, is known for his extraordinary skills as a film director, screenwriter and producer. Silverstein was born on July 1, 1970. His career took off in 1997, when he received his first credit as a screenwriter for the short Fairfax Fandango. He also directed the movie.

Silverstein’s resume also includes the storyboards for the 2010 movie Valentine’s Day, and the television film Splitsville from 2003. Silverstein is most well-known for romantic comedies he’s created in collaboration with Abby Kohn. Together they wrote several box office successes, such as Never Been Kissed and He’s not That Into You. They co-wrote The Vow in 2012, a romantic drama.

Silverstein and Kohn made their feature film directorial debuts in I Feel Pretty (released on April 20, 2018). Amy Schumer stars in the movie about an insecure woman that gains confidence in her looks after a head trauma. The film received mixed reviews by critics but grossed $94 million in the box office. This proves that Silverstein and Kohn are well known for their box office successes.

Silverstein has had a successful professional career, but his personal life is bittersweet. Silverstein was married for 15 years to actress Busy Phillips before the couple decided to split. They have two children together. Silverstein is still a highly sought-after and respected professional in the entertainment business despite the breakup of their marriage.

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