Is 2Baba Still Alive: What Happened To 2Baba?

2Baba Also called Innocent Ujah Idibia, is still alive.2Baba is a Nigerian musician, singer and producer who is known for the popularization of Nigerian pop music, and receiving numerous awards throughout his career.

Is 2Baba Still Alive?

2Baba who’s actual identity was Innocent Ujah Idibia, is still in existence. Born on the 18th of September 1975 from Jos, Plateau, Nigeria and is still a major person on Nigeria’s music industry. Nigerian entertainment industry. 2Baba has enjoyed a lengthy and lucrative career as a performer, producer and songwriter who has significantly contributed to the growth in popularity of Nigerian popular music.

In the course of his profession, 2Baba was awarded numerous awards and honors, demonstrating his ongoing influence and ability in the world of music. 2Baba is still involved in a variety of collaborations, projects and performances, which demonstrate his continuing presence and significance in the business.

Although there are a few reports or misinformation about celebrities, it is essential to use reliable sources to verify their authenticity. 2Baba is still alive and continues to contribute to the world of music by and enthralling fans in Nigeria and all over the world by his music and advocacy.

Who is 2Baba?

2Baba His true title actually is Innocent Ujah Idibia, is an internationally renowned Nigerian artist, singer and producer. Born on the 18th of September 1975 from Jos, Nigeria, he was raised on the outskirts of Benue State and attended school in the state. However, he resigned from the school in order to follow his love for music. He was originally called 2Face and 2Face, he started his musical career in the year 1996, composing and singing songs.

He became well-known when he was a part of the band Plantashun Boiz, alongside Blackface Naija and Faze. They released hit albums like “Body and Soul” and “Sold Out” before parting ways in 2004 due to disagreements.2Baba’s solo career skyrocketed with his debut album “Face 2 Face” in 2004, which featured the popular song “African Queen.” He’s well-known for his contribution in Nigerian pop music, and has released a number of albums that have been successful since then.

In addition to its music and performances, 2Baba is also involved in philanthropy, bringing awareness of children’s rights and assisting in various charitable projects. Despite controversies and legal disputes throughout his career He is still a prominent and prominent persona in Nigerian music that is adored by fans from all over Africa and all over the world.

Full NameInnocent Ujah Idibia
Stage Name2Baba
BirthdateSeptember 18, 1975
BirthplaceJos, Plateau, Nigeria
EthnicityIdoma (southern portion of Benue State, Nigeria)
OccupationSinger, songwriter, record producer, entrepreneur
Former GroupPlantashun Boyz
SpouseAnnie Macaulay (married in 2012)

2Baba Career

2Baba popularly referred to also as Innocent Ujah Idibia, is a Nigerian musician, singer and producer who has enjoyed a an impressive career in the world of music. He was a huge hit due to his contribution to the growth in popularity of Nigerian pop music during the early 2000s. Following his beginnings as a member of Plantashun Boiz, the band Plantashun Boiz, he ventured into a solo career that was successful after the group’s disbandment in 2004.

The debut album of his solo career, “Face 2 Face,” made it to the market in 2004, and was a huge hit, featuring songs that became hits, including “African Queen” and “Nfana Ibaga.” The album is often regarded by critics as being one of the best Nigerian debut albums in 20th century. After this, he released another smash album called “Grass 2 Grace” in 2006 that featured well-known songs such as “One Love” and “4 Instance.”

In the course of his profession, 2Baba was awarded numerous awards, such as Channel O Music Video Awards and MTV Africa Music Awards, which has established his place as the most highly acclaimed musicians. Despite the challenges of distribution and a lack of distribution, 2Baba kept releasing music through his album of experiments “The Unstoppable” in 2009 showing his versatility as a musician.

In addition to his music, 2Baba has also made notable strides in the realm of endorsements. He was the first African ambassador for the Italian liquor liqueur with alcohol Campari. In addition, he has been associated with a variety of other top brands such as Guinness, Airtel, and Globacom.

Apart from his endorsements and music, 2Baba is known for his charitable work and is the owner of his own “Buckwyld and Breathless” concert and further establishing his name on the Nigerian entertainment business. The couple is married by actress Annie Idibia, 2Baba is an extremely proud father and has continued to inspire millions of people with his music and contribution to the world.

2Baba Net Worth

2Baba’s net worth has been estimated to be $16 million. He is a legend in the music industry from Nigeria, 2Baba, previously known as 2Face was a major force in the world of music for more than two decades. In his career that spans over this long period and numerous albums, 2Baba has had a lot of popular albums and contributed significantly to his success and wealth.

In addition to his musical career, 2Baba has diversified his investment portfolio, which includes co-operating with the famous Rumours Nightclubs in Lagos and having real estate properties throughout Nigeria as well as launching an extensive agro-business in the State of Benue. Alongside his musical ventures and investments, the income of 2Baba is supported by endorsements.

He is an ambassador for brands of various brands, including Campari, Trophy Lager Beer and Araimo the phone accessory manufacturer. These endorsements don’t just highlight his role in the business but also add value to his net worth.

In his long life, 2Baba was not only able to built wealth, but earned appreciation and respect from his own Nigerian musical industry. His longevity and accomplishments are a testimony to his ability, determination and business savvy. With an estimated net worth of $16 million 2Baba is one of his most prevalent and rich names of Nigerian music.

2Baba Wife

His wife, 2Baba’s was Annie Idibia, a well-known Nigerian person who is renowned for her modeling, acting, production as well as business. Formerly called Annie Macaulay, she married 2Baba in an intimate ceremony at Lagos, Nigeria, on May 2 2012. The couple then had an unofficial marriage ceremony at Dubai, UAE, on March 23, 2013 that was attended by a number of famous people.

Annie and 2Baba are a couple who have a very loving family life. They’re parents to two girls, Olivia Idibia and Isabel Idibia. Their relationship has been characterized by public appearances as well as personal milestones that demonstrate their love for each other and their families. Prior to Annie 2Baba’s marriage, 2Baba had a relationship and had relationships with Sumbo Ajala as well as Pero Adeniyi.

Through the relationships he had, he fathered 2 kids with Sumbo in addition to three with Pero and Pero, resulting in 7 children with 2Baba. Annie Idibia, beyond being the wife of 2Baba, has made huge progress in her own professional career, and has established herself as an incredibly talented and multifaceted artist within the Nigerian entertainment business.

She has appeared in many films, made films, and branched out into modeling and has successfully started her own businesses. Along along with 2Baba, Annie forms a powerful duo on the Nigerian entertainment industry and their story of love and family life that has captured the hearts of their fans from across the nation.

What Happened to 2Baba?

2Baba was formerly called 2Face Idibia is still active within the Nigerian music industry. After making waves by releasing hits such as “African Queen,” he continued to release music and work alongside other musicians. The year 2014 saw him change his stage title to 2Baba.

Despite having to deal with controversies and difficulties through the years, like personal conflicts and disputes with other artists, 2Baba has persevered and has maintained his status among Nigeria’s top and most revered artists. He has always made use of his platform to discuss social issues and promote positive transformation.

In recent times, 2Baba has expanded his ventures beyond music. He has branched out into entrepreneurship by investing in businesses such as nightclubs, real estate and agricultural business. In addition, he has secured lucrative endorsement agreements with several brands, thereby growing his reach and earning.

In the year 2019, 2Baba worked with a number of other well-known musicians to create a track that aimed at raising awareness of children’s rights. He also demonstrates his dedication to using his music to support worthy causes. While going through personal and professional challenges, 2Baba has continued to develop as an entrepreneur and artist. His contribution in music in Nigerian music industry and efforts to create an contribution to society have strengthened his status as an icon of music.

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