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In this piece ,” Inwood Car Accident,”will give you all the details about the accident that took place in Inwood.

Are you seeking information regarding the recent incident in Inwood? Two people were killed and a number of others was injured during two auto collisions on Wednesday at Inwood, New York, United States where one vehicle was able to crash into the sidewalk.

On West 207th Street and Sherman Avenue at the intersection, two cars collision was direct. In the force, the collision forced the Subaru on the pavement. Two days later, New York City said speed cameras have reduced fatalities due to traffic accidents. Learn more what happened in the Inwood Car Accident.

What happened exactly?

Joel Adams, 31, from Manhattan Joel Adams, 31, from Manhattan, and David Fernandez, 40, from David Fernandez, 40, of the Bronx died in the Bronx when the BMW driving towards the North on Sherman Avenue collided with a Subaru that was traveling south. The Subaru struck two parked vehicles before striking the two men.

Adams was taken into Allen Pavillion Hospital, while Fernandez was transported for treatment at Harlem Hospital. The two drivers remained at Harlem Hospital according to officials. Police did not reveal any names or addresses of drivers, nor the fact that any of them were detained as a result of the deaths. For more details, read below.

Inwood Car Crash The Family members have said?

According to relatives, Fernando was a cherished neighbor who was elated to celebrate his daughter’s first birthday. Additionally, they described Fernando as a barber for the family who loved dancing. He was affectionately called “David la salsa.”

Food delivery man Adames has recently cut his hair. Based on the family members of his. Based on CCTV video, the vehicle was seen speeding through the traffic light that was red at a crossroads. Locals have claimed that speeding has been an issue along the road for quite a while. Police are still investigating the issue. As of now, there are no complaints.

Inwood Car Crash

According to officials with the city’s traffic fatality program there were 184 pedestrians killed on the city’s streets in 2013. however, the number is projected to decrease to 94 by the year 2020. In 2013, with more than 125 pedestrian deaths the number of road fatalities increased to their highest in the past ten years. But by 2021 the number of traffic-related fatalities and serious injuries within New York City by 70. As a result, Mr. de Blasio introduced Vision Zero in 2014.

Vision Zero has been working to cut down the number of deaths in the city’s streets by the network of groups and projects, like automatic speed camera. We attempted to collect all the details about Inwood Car Accident to provide all with pertinent information regarding the accident that occurred.

Last thoughts

Our investigation found that on Wednesday in two separate car accidents at Inwood, New York, the vehicle rolled onto the sidewalk, causing two deaths as well as many more injuries. Adams was taken into Allen Pavillion Hospital on Wednesday at 4 am while Fernandez was taken for treatment at Harlem Hospital.

Police are currently conducting an investigation. There aren’t any reports as of yet. For more details on New York City visit this link.

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